• I have a copy of “Enemy on the Horizon” by Black Baron Games.  Does this have much value?  Is anyone interested or am I just better off keeping this as a collector’s item?

  • I don’t know how much (if any) cash value it has, but I have a couple of copies in my collection that I’ll be keeping indefinitely because of the odd place which EOTH occupies in the history of A&A.  It was one of the very first unofficial expansion sets to the Milton Bradley edition of the game, whose five sculpt colours it matches.  The pieces are of so-so quality, but they’re okay by the standards of the MB non-infantry pieces.  EOTH is probably a somewhat rare item; I think that the company which produced it was pretty small and didn’t last very long.

  • I guess I will just keep it as a collector’s item.  I was kind of hoping someone would want to buy it so I could spend that money on more stuff from HBG lol.  I seem obsessed with ordering more and more HBG units to customize my Global 1940 game.

  • I have that and its for only Milton Bradley edition

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