Scientifically proven map balance rework of 1942 2nd Ed

  • TripleA

    Skip to TL:DR if you hate reading.

    Using my scientifically proven formula of game balancing I am reworking this map. Since revised this board was reworked twice by larry harris and the allies have been slammed with nerf after nerf making the map increasingly unpopular and I know few people who play this, I have overlooked the 2009 print because it was more like a travel edition.

    First thing is first, I am going to unnerf the allies starting unit count and real unit TUV differentials (delete all buildings from both maps and look at the starting units and TUV you will see the axis is ahead in this board compared to revised the axis was behind). This is a big problem in a map that has seen nerfs to transports, which hurts USA the most + nerfs to uk seazones (no safe building spot) + nerfs to landing zones for the allies in a KGF.

    TL:DR In this current version of the rework, the allies are still the weaker side, but I give them a fighting chance using my scientifically formulated rework.

    Take the current board setup and make the following changes. Note: these are all additional units, think of it as a huge bid placement.

    +1 infantry vologda
    +1 infantry novosibirsk
    +1 infantry yakut ssr
    +1 infantry kazakh ssr
    +1 artillery caucasus
    +1 infantry united kingdom
    +1 fighter united kingdom
    +1 infantry french equatorial africa
    +1 battleship sz 11
    +1 bomber western united states
    +1 destroyer sz 9
    +1 infantry formosa

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    The proposed changes look interesting and fair to me, but what’s with all the talk about science? Are you just kidding around? If not, can you explain how your algorithm works, or give us a link to your formula?

    [Note: I tried to post a similar comment earlier today, but it does not appear to have stuck. My apologies if this turns into a double-post.]

  • TripleA

    TUV counting, making sure the allies start with a clear numbers, tuv, and income advantage to compensate for the drastic positional advantage. Axis quickly catch up in income and the ICs shift to the axis within the first 3 rounds.

    More importantly the axis now have to make decisions instead of having one best move to do.

    Even more importantly the allies have something to look forward to potentially within the first 3 rounds which typically saw a whole lot of nothing, which is a big reason people do not play this map.

    Still favors the axis to win. I like to play the axis so I am a little biased, I just hate to see the game won before it even begun.

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