Using d16 as a compromise between d12 and d20.

  • I’m curious to know if anyone else has considered trying d16 in a few games. I started toying with a pricing scheme based on attributes. Then I started wondering if I’m the only person out there who thinks this is a good idea. Not that there is anyone to play with in Romney WV anyway.

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    If I were starting from scratch, I’d use the d8 – I’d prefer to have a little more room than than the d6 allows for badass units in my unit list, but I don’t want to have to do the math in my head to try to calculate my expected hits when I attack with three units that hit on 13, two units that hit on 9, and four units that hit on 5.

    Without designing a whole system, can you give us a sketch of your reasoning? What kind of attributes do you have in mind that would make the hassle of using a d16 worthwhile?

  • The basic reasoning is to give a broader range of options when assigning attack and defense to units. I see your point though. I think I’ll just be happy with using a d12 system.

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