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    Do you buy bombers with Germany or with uk or usa?

    I find that if I buy 1 bomber a round with Germany, that uk will have a super hard time making a fleet for the first few rounds and I still get a bunch of infantry. In which case the uk player usually builds india and buys bombers to bomb you until usa can provide naval after a uk naval purchase.

    Do you bomb Russia out of the game with Japan?

  • I think that you should buy a mix, as even though the bombers range is better, its usually cheaper and you can maintain your air wall better ( a stack of juicy bombers is like handing the luftwaffe on a silver platter to stalin) if you threw in some Fighters. Basically, ill buy 1 fighter, 1 bomber, and 6 infantry the first turn, 2 fighters and 7 infantry the second, and 2 bombers and 5 infantry the third. Of course i’m not a pro, but this is the air build that ill do with germany.

    Since germany’s offensive power is already overpowered in the first place, so basically all you need is a steady amount of infantry to protect them and the aircraft are there for power projection and versitility (theres nothing like beating a battleship with a fighter and a bomber). Like you said, Britain is going to try to climb out of an unclimable hole when trying to build a navy unless the US completely gives up japan and goes KGF.

    TLDR: throw in some fighters for defense so you wont have worry about where you land your bombers, and for a cheaper cost.

    As with japan, i think they have other obligations than to sbr russia, like holding off the us and pushing for india and or china etc.

    Sincerely, Hitler

  • TripleA

    I like to produce 10 or 12 or 14 units a round. I get more units on the field… that is the one advantage the axis has over the allies.  Allies have to invest so much into naval that cannot crash into berlin and conquer the thing. Having a ton of guys turns europe into a fortress and then the game is over when russia is sandwhiched and you win.

    Bombers are the better buy if you can treasure your starting fighters.

    The allies are pretty screwed in this version.

  • i agree. I wonder what motivated them to double the size of the atlantic. In a already axis biased games, the allies have to wait a whole extra turn just to do anything meaningful. The only thing that can actually reach the european theatre quick enough to prop up russia is a fighter transit, and even that does’nt even put real pressure on germany.

    Sincerely, Hitler

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    Big fan of bombers. I think the side which gains the upper hand in the air war/bomber race first usually comes out ahead in the end.

    And Bombers still seem so cheap to me compared to Classic and Revised, and tanks feel so expensive now, that I find its a lot easier for me to justify the purchase.

    I think after a certain point though, if you’re buying these units but not using them for SBR, you’re not really getting the full benefit of the purchase. I think SBR after the 3rd round can make a major difference. If you bomb in early rounds it’s not really worth it, and very dangerous with minimal pay off if you only bring 1 strat B into a raid.  You need at least 2 hammering as a pair on the same run to have an impact for the risk, whatever the target, whether hitting Russia or G. Nothing is worth than risking a run, losing 12 ipcs to AA fire, and then not even getting to do any damage cause you only brought one dog to the fight. I think a pair at least, but better if you can fly in half dozen haha.

    Axis can bring the pain to Moscow much more effectively than Allies can bring the pain to Berlin. By the 4th round both Axis powers can really starting slamming Moscow. Once the Axis hold Karelia, Japan can just shoot their bombers over from Tokyo in one move, to cover UK independent transport movement out of England, while simultaneously bombing the ���� out of the Russians. And of course once the Axis hold Karelia, German bombers built in Berlin can hit Moscow the next turn, so its definitely a fuckstorm at the center.

  • I find US bombers SBRing Berlin effective as a swift means of bringing the US to R’s aid. 2 bombers US1 and another each subsequent turn will usually build a sizeable offensive force before Moscow is at risk.

  • Are you related to Bomber Harris, Private Panic?
    I hate Bombers and rarely use them to SBR. I can see how they can help, but I always go Pacific, not Atlantic in 42.

  • @Private:

    I find US bombers SBRing Berlin effective as a swift means of bringing the US to R’s aid. 2 bombers US1 and another each subsequent turn will usually build a sizeable offensive force before Moscow is at risk.

    I dunno, bombers you buy on US1 don’t bomb Germany until round 3, and don’t affect German production capacity until G4. I have almost always already built my Russia crushing army by then, and am just buying power units to finish the job, which aren’t affected by strategic bombing as much.

    As to the original question of the thread… I love bombers, but I find I never end up bombing as much as I think I will. There’s always something I see coming on my next move that I really want the bomber for and I end up not wanting to risk losing the thing. I do bomb Leningrad as a convenient way to pass British bombers to central Asia though. Sometimes I bomb India with Japan. US is in the best position to build bombers and the worst position to bomb anyone. I find it’s often more valuable to keep a bomber on Alaska than actually use it, just so that japan can’t leave naked transports in home waters.

    Bombing Russia with Germany or Japan with U.S. for the slow-but-sure choke is the only time I do full scale strategic bombing.

  • I alwyas buy 1 bomber per round as Germany and a few with Japan. As axis you get 2 for 1 with the buy of bombers as you both make the allies buy more protection for their transports and you get to hammer Russia with SBR. As Allies you only get SBR which I dont think is worth it alone.

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    I love bombers, but often I end up buying a lot more fighters than bombers.  For UK I always end up getting a bunch of fighters first to safeguard Russia at the beginning. It’s more common in my case getting more bombers at late games when there are better economy supporting my purchase.  But then having a few free bombers do help a lot.  Once the number of bombers reach 6 it becomes unstoppable power.

  • US should build only bombers first couple turns to maintain 7 bombers for the remainder of the game. After turn 2 you will only need to buy 1 bomber a turn to replenish the losses from AA fire. Germany will have to repair the damaged factories every turn from turn 4 on. This is the fastest the US can do anything meaningful.

    The Allies def need a bid in this version.

  • Bombers are a must for the allies. Buying two a turn with the U.S. And U.K. will seriously take away Germany’s ability to trade forces with Russia. And with the U.K. factory in India now, Japan can be held on land better than before.

    Bombers are “HOW THE WAR WAS WON”!

    The U.S. can afford it and Russia can’t survive without it.

  • Interesting post, somehow I completely ignored SBR until I used them in my last game as allies. It is true that US bombers arrive pretty late, but I usually buy 2-3 bombers in the first round of the US before i start building transports. It can be a huge pain for the axis if 6 bombers attack you each round.

    I’ve mostly played against Hard AI on triple A, so the computer doesn’t use SBR against russia. But I can image that it must be pain for russia if you get only 12 IPC’S each round and have to invest it all in repairs. AND of course you force UK/US to invest further in carriers/fighters to keep their transports alive. I would say very interesting choices for both sides!

  • Yes it is a pain for Russia cloud7707!

    All that hard fighting trying to retain ipcs against the German (and Japanese) onslaught and they then get ripped away from you by the need to repair your factory!

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