Geek knows Geek.

  • represent!!! 😄

  • yeah, nut, you’ve told us about how you’ve never had a girlfriend, but what about all those manfriends you had!!! don’t deny it!  the girls can’t elbow past the giant man-posse that surrounds you - no wonder you’ve had no chance with the fairer sex!!!  how would you know that you weren’t gay if you’ve never had a girlfriend! you might not like it!!

    sorry…just jealous…can’t even get a man-trio myself…

    Nah, don’t sweat it about the girl thing.  The time will come.  Girls didn’t really notice me all that much in high school, although I didn’t try too much, but they did in college!  Even if they had noticed me, I’m not sure it would have been worthwhile.  In a few years you’ll be thinking “girls - can’t live with em, can’t stuff em in a sack.”  Eh, just joking.  Until that time, just appreciate Rosie’s company - she’ll never do you wrong.  You’re only 17 (right?), a lot will happen before your time is up.

  • My GF is cool as hell, plays A&A too.  Most of the time I have played (since I was 13) I have played with my father and uncles.  When she got into the mix with us it was cool as hell to be able to tell my father (who was playing Russia, and my GF was Japan).  “We have been playing this game 20 years now, you are the only one to have ever lost a capital to a WOMAN!”

    She is fun as hell too.  Joke around with her like she is one of my friends.  A girl from work was hitting on me and it was driving her nuts.  She quit a couple weeks ago, and when I told my GF about it she said “oh ya, I am sure you are really heartbroken… Connie was young, and thin, and pretty”.

    I told her “oh baby, I don’t want a young, thin, pretty girl… I want you!”

    Another time she told me “Zooey, (my real name is not zooey) if I ever found out you were cheating on me it would just kill me”.

    I took her by the hand, looked into her eyes and said “Baby, I would never, never, EVER… let you find out”.

    I know I got a great girl, if for no other reason… I’m not dead.

  • i like my women like i like my coffee, ground up and in the freezer!!!  :lol: :evil: 😉

  • LOL Zooey!!! I pull stuff like that on my girl! :lol: If she was like other girls, she would have dumped me long ago! :lol:

  • that is pretty funny Z. my girlfriends one of those girls that you can fart or burp in front of and instead of getting mad she rates it on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. you know you got something special when that is going on.

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