• While checking software and gaming shops the other day for updated versions of A&A for my PC, I came across what appears to be a different version of original A&A with the Atari name brand.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Atari version?  Is the AI any better than with the Hasbro version?  Or is this one of the other A&A variants like Spring 1942?

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    It is nothing like Axis and allies. NOTHING! totally avoid… The Ai for the “turned based section” which is a very abstract game with no naval units can be beat the first time in about 4 rounds at its highest level. But the game is really command and conquer in disquise, if that floats your boat then pay the 2.00 and buy it on ebay but you still are wasting 2 bucks IMO.

  • Thank you.  Saved me more money here also.

    So the A&A revised that everyone is using for the other topic thread is the one from Triple A?

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    Yes your correct.Thats it for now. We will both know when a REAL axis and allies PC game comes out. Trust me on that.

  • http://triplea.sourceforge.net is great, go “buy” it.

  • If you can get a copy of Iron Blitz cheap it may be worth your time. The AI isn’t really any better than Hasbro but at least there are interesting scenarios to play thru.

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    Yes and even more bugs to fight! :x 😢

  • I’d still check out the Atari “Axis & Allies,” unless you have NO interest in RTS (as stated, like Command & Conquer).  It trades strategy for faced pace action, and can be fun with friends on a LAN.  I got a chance to play for a while, and it can be entertaining, for a short time…
    Others to try would be Sudden Strike, another RTS but not as goofy, and my all time favorite RTS involving WW2 material: Close Combat.  A damn good game…
    I downloaded a copy of Iron Blitz from a website I can’t remember - I’ll try and track it down.  It was a relatively small download, runs fairly well (gets slower and slower as you go on, even when turning down some of the settings), and is FREE!!!

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