The Battle of Five Armies

  • I was looking on amazon and I saw the game and I click on it and it’s looks interesting and I’m wondering if I should get it? So I was wondering what you guys think about it? Is it worth to get?

  • Get War of the Ring or the Trilogy edition Risk of Lord of the Rings….I think you’ll be more satisfied with that…

  • They do look pretty cool but there quite expensive compared to The Battle of Five Armies. They cost more than Axis and Allies 1940 2nd Ed which I would get that than the others, but thanks for those games.

  • Both are out of production and both may cost a pretty penny… Every now and then I would look at the 3rd party sellers who may sell it cheap, but shipping may/may not be an issue.

    I did see War of the Ring at a store in Austin for a reasonable price.

  • I got 1940 europe 2nd edition instead, but I will look into The Battle of Five Armies in the near future.
    People can still use this tread to talk about the game if they want.

  • My family and friends loves LOTR Risk. We enjoy the changes from classic Risk. The additions of impassable mountain ranges, rivers and strongholds makes for a much better game.

  • Customizer

    WOTR  is not a pure wargame; it also has the role-playing element of the Fellowship carrying the ring to Ordruin.

    BOTFA is a better option if you just want a stand-up fight between fantasy armies. Don’t like Gandalf’s range-finder, though. Seems completely wrong for an area movement game.

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