Summer/Fall Spring 42.2E Tournament Discussion/Results Thread

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    Is this a single elimination tournament?  My game was over after the first turn.  Is the tournament over?

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    It is single elimination and it is still going on.  Two round 2 games are done, two are still going.  Then we’ll have semi finals and finals.  It probably won’t finish until after the new year particularly with all of the holidays coming up.  BUT I’m extremely pleased with the number of entrants and overall play, so I’m definitely planning on doing another tournament.  I’ll probably look to get that started sometime after the new year.  Don’t have a timeframe or anything yet, but I do want to give players more chances to play.

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    Ok…  I was waiting for another game.  I should have read the rules better as I would not have quit after getting diced on a 55-45 roll in the first round.  I was hoping to learn something and didn’t really get much of a chance.

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    Our game is finally over. Luckily it didn’t drag out for that many rounds at least. JEB over MagicQ.

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    I updated the first post and we can get started on the semi finals.  Hopefully Geo and I won’t be too much longer.  But at least Jeb and rmorel can start.

    games are:

    wittman vs. Geo/Dm winner

    JEB vs. rmorel

    This player starts the bidding

    1- first player listed
    2 - second player listed

    Rolling 1d2:

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    So JEB can start the bidding with rmorel and when Geo and I wrap up wittman can start the bidding.

    start the semifinal games with S03….

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    Geograph over DarthMaximus

    Thanks for waiting wittman.  🙂

    You and Geo are up next and you can start the bidding/game whenever you guys are ready.

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    I just noticed it looks like it is JEB over rmorel.

    So wittman/Geograph winner will play JEB in the championship.

    I’ll update the first post.

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    I’m excited about the coming final match!  JEB vs Geograph vs Wittman  😄

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    Thank you both. Geograph has contacted me, so the bidding is underway.

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    Wittmann has lost his Semi to Geograph (Allies+15).
    Great Allied play, by Geograph, suffocated my Axis from the start. Enjoy it, nonetheless.
    Enjoy the final, Jeb and Geograph.

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    Alright, we are set for the championship

    Geograph vs. JEB

    1 - Geo starts bidding
    2 - Jeb

    Rolling 1d2:

    First post has been updated

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    Jeb can start the bidding!

    Good Luck guys!

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    Seems I’m late, game already started.  Lol!

    Good Luck to both!

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    The tournament is finally at its end!

    Geograph wins against JEB in a tough final  8-)

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    Congratulations both of you, getting to the Final. Hope your game was fun.
    I enjoyed my games.

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    Thank you Wittman. It was a fun tournament indeed.

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    Thank you witt!
    I truly enjoyed the whole tournament!  😄

    My thanks to Darth for organizing!!!

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    Geograph is the Winner!

    Congrats and well played!

    Thanks to everyone who played and making it a successful tournament.  I think it went pretty smoothly for a 16 player tournament and assuming we’d have interest I’d have no problem setting up another tournament in the future.  We can let Geo celebrate his victory a little bit though.  😄

    Perhaps in the spring, maybe a few weeks, I’ll look towards do a sign up or something.

    Any comments about the tourney?  Improvements or things we need to do?

    Thanks again to everyone who played and watched the games.

  • As a new player to this version of the game, I learned a lot just by downloading and reviewing some of the games in the tournament.

    My suggestion would be that I think it would be super cool if someone were to dissect the games after they are played, or even ask the players to post a little about their thinking behind their overall strategies, nothing super detailed, and not every game, maybe the final and the two semi final games or something.  I think it would be interesting to know the general strategy each player was going for at the beginning of the game and if that changed at some mid point.  Something like…“I was going to fake a KJF strategy and then swing over to the Atlantic once I could get Japan to start buying some navy to slow them down, but I ended up getting locked into a longer Pacific engagement than I was hoping which allowed the Germans to steamroll Russia too fast” etc…

    Just a thought but I could see that as a really cool learning tool for both newer and more experienced players.

    Also, I’m in for the next tournament.

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