Summer 2015 Battle of Britain - 6th September 2015

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    As previously this all day 1942.2 event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 7 players, including four from this forum, and can include up to 3 more.

    If you are interested please either reply to this thread in Events or PM Private Panic.

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    Another great day of 1942.2 action!

    Six players this time, as wittman was unable to make it. These are quarterly, with the next one on 8th November (then another in February 2016). We currently have 7 or 8 players for November, so space for 2 or 3 more - if you wish to join us either reply here or PM Private Panic.
    Here is a brief battle report, to which others may wish to add their comments and corrections!

    Game 1: Credulous, Private Panic and NFP1 (non forum player)

    Powers allocated by reverse bid. Each player bidded in turn to play axis by offering ipcs to the other two players as allies. Private Panic gained axis by offering 11 ipcs to the others. Credulous took Russia and USA. NFP1 was UK. Those 11 ipcs were spent as a DD off India and inf in Egypt.

    Think we played 8 turns, by which time the following position had been attained:

    • PP’s advance on Moscow knocked back when he miscounted his G West Russian stack. R then wiped it out. Sobs!

    • G did, however, capture Egypt, building a factory there. UK reciprocated by building in South Africa, plus US landings in West Africa and Morocco. At the end of turn 8 G had just destroyed the allied stack in Sudan and hoped to follow up by taking South Africa.

    • G also took India.

    • J took China, Australia and east Russia reaching the gates of Moscow. A G air attack on Moscow, followed by a J land assault was odds on to succeed, but R successfully resisted with 1 UK fighter left standing.

    • Nevertheless G stacks in India & Poland and a J stack in Sinkiang, successfully kept R bottled up until the final turn, when R moved it’s eastern stack into Kazakh and hoped it would be able to force J back next turn. G of course hoped to grab back eastern Europe territory while R focused on J.

    • J lost out badly through the UK1 raid on sz37. That UK carrier with 2 fighters survived the whole game, joining the US Pacific fleet. Nevertheless J did manage to gain the Pacific, taking Hawaii and pinning the US/UK fleet against western US. J hoped to take out the US/UK fleet in the following turn.

    • A significant allied fleet just arrived off Europe, capturing Norway and threatening elsewhere.

    With axis hopes in the Pacific, Africa and perhaps on G’s eastern front and allied hopes against J’s Asian land forces and western Europe’s coastal territories, the game was declared a draw when time had run out on us. Truly a battle of wits.

    Game 2: Dukla Passer, NFP2 & NFP3

    Powers allocated by dice rolls. Dukla Passer & NFP2 as allies. NFP3 as axis.

    An allied victory:

    • R pushed J out of Asia, even recapturing India, which J had taken from the UK. J eventually lost the Pacific naval war and became bottled up on the Japanese mainland.

    • The UK retained Africa against G assaults and G became threatened by allied fleets in the Med and Channel. Successfully resisted attacks on all sides, keeping R largely out of Europe, until a UK air and amphibious assault took Berlin. Although G did recapture Berlin, the end was nigh!

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    Two different games: that’s what we like. Sorry, I could not make it.
    November, I am sneaking out of the house with my suitcase (of A&A) packed!

  • Great event once again, and really enjoyed the stalwart defences in the game I was involved with. Still making too many mistakes for my liking, but none to match the German miscalculation in West Russia!

    What was a shame from my perspective was with the exception of the afore mentioned West Russian massacre and a brief conquest of the Japanese money islands, the Allies spent the whole game on the defensive and we finished just as it felt like they actually had a realistic prospect of going on the attack. It’s exhausting spending 10 hours pretty much defending the entire time!

    Having said that, things that I was pleased with:

    • I thought I played Russia really well, including a tricky period of balancing retention of all my core territories against a powerful Japan and a Germany that whilst weakened, still had a considerable Air Armada at its disposal (until PP committed them all to a can opener against Moscow, that even if it had been successful I still think would have cost him more IPCs than he would have gained through the capture of Moscow for a turn!).
    • I think I balanced US purchases to hold the Japanese fleet back with building a fleet in Europe as well. The net effect of this was to really reduce the Japanese army purchases such that at the point of finishing I believe I was just about to obliterate their main stack and then sweep back their gains in Asia

    Things that could have been better:

    • Failure to purchase a destroyer USA1 meant we couldn’t safely start building a fleet there until turn 2 onwards which drastically delayed US pressure on Germany which aided the Axis massively.
    • This destroyer buy failure was compounded originally by failing as the British to clean up the Sub threat adequately in the Atlantic leaving the Germans with an unheard of 3 subs remaining in the Atlantic.
    • Missing about three opportunities to destroy defenceless transports!

    Anyway thanks for hosting another great event and I look forward to playing again in a couple of months time.

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    Glad you enjoyed it Credulous.

    My West Russia miscount was a disaster for G and absolutely the biggest error of all errors in our game. Just amazed that after that the axis both gained a second opportunity (that failed) to take Moscow and even so successfully kept R bottled up for sufficiently long for a replacement G European stack/threat to be in place.

    After the West Russia disaster I thought I had lost. Either that perception of impending doom was wrong (as I know you believe) or the axis military commanders played a blinder to claw back a draw, with their own “hopes” of final victory. I quite like the second interpretation! 🙂

    After the West Russia catastrophe I couldn’t afford too many more mistakes and think I pretty much managed to avoid them.

    What would have happened if I had not bogged up in W Russia? I probably would have discovered another game changing error to make instead!

    Looking forward to our next game. We’ll see how I manage to bog that one up! :roll:

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