• Anyone ever try strafing Iraq with the Brits/Ussr and taking Iraq and building an IC with Anzac?  3 units in a safe and critical area from another power seems like it could be a decent idea (reenforceing any needed of the 3 fronts it is around with 9 - 12 ipc worth of units a turn). The Anzacs could have 2 inf and 1 fig to clean up.  I guess this would take place on AZ 4, or 5…and this assumes Egypt and the mideeast are stable as well as India.  Those are big if’s, but not inconceivable.

    I think I’m too afraid to try it.  I keep thinking UK/USSR (esp with the USSR NO) need that cash way more, and it seems like it would take too long to pull off to be worth it. But an extra secure factory from a third power seems to be a decent trade off.  If you tried it, I’m just wondering how it worked out.

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    I have seen an ANZAC IC in Saudi Arabia, but never in Iraq or Persia.

    I don’t think there’s a greater benefit to ANZAC getting into Iraq than USSR (given the 3 IPC bonus for Iraq) or even UK. I would never specifically try to put it under ANZAC’s control. But if presented with the opportunity, I can see some advantages: ANZAC going between Italy and Germany, for instance. Or can opening for UK in the mid-east or North Africa. Then again, if ANZAC units aren’t needed to contain Japan, then the war is probably going well enough for the allies for this not to matter as much.

  • I’ve done this before. Not terrible, not great. Is really only advantageous if Japan has already been contained and Anzac can spare 10-20 PUs per turn to build offensive units in the middle east. Otherwise Anzac should be spending everything in the Pacific.

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    I think it is all about who has the ipcs to spare from existing factory builds. That may be ANZAC, Russia, UK or none of them. It depends on what is happening in each game.

    The 3 unit max ANZAC build in Australia can be a constraint if meeting national objectives in the east Indies, in which case a second factory is an idea and options are limited. In such circumstances I have started building bombers, as J is likely to already be on the back foot at land and sea, but might look for a second factory option in future.

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