• Hello, I was just wondering if this strategy was legal (I know it is because i’ve heard about it on some forums before, but me and my friends just want to make sure.  (Their like lawyers, they want absolute proof).  anywho:

    The plan is that I build a moderate stack of AA guns (say around 5) and research rockets.  From there, i can reduce Germanies economy to rubble with no reprisal on my part.

  • Remember you can only have one AA gun per territory. Otherwise yes it will work

  • Well the problem being is that I was hoping to ship a stack of 8 to Britain and essentialy SBR Germany to rubble without the risk.   😢  :`(

    One last question however:  I just read the A&A:R FAQ.  In the article relating to SBR and rockets, where it says: IPC loss from strategic bombing is limited to the territory’s income value. and they reply “per bomber”.  Does that mean i could hypotheticaly bomb Germany from 40 IPCs to 0 IPCs if i had enough bombers?  :?

  • Yes.

  • WHAT?….I always thought that the max IPC’s that can be lost in one turn is the amount the territory is worth.
    (ex. with both IC’s Germany can only lose a max of 16 IPC’s per turn, 10ger, 6italy) :?

  • Thats what I Thought too, until I read this: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/faqs/axisrevised  (its under strategic bombing)….

    Though all my pals have made house rules to omit it tho.  Claiming it to be too “cheap”.

  • It is too “cheap.” Try to use the LHTR rules; it fixes the imbaalnces in the box rules and is used in official tournaments. Larry Harris Tournament Rules limits it to the total amount of bombing damage inflicted, not a per bomber rule. Also factories can only be attacked by 1 rocket per turn, and only 1 AA gun can act as a rocket in a territory even if you have many guns there.

  • im not completely certain but i think i read in the rule book that you can have as many aa guns in a territory as you want but only one may fire from that territory per turn, for example you could have 4 aa guns in germany but only 1 of them could fire in that turn and if an aircraft bombs or goes over a territory with multiple aa, only one gets to fire at it

  • In any case, it’s very much generally accepted that there is a per turn bombing limit = territory value. The box rules are worded very badly and allow for bombing/rocket abuse as they essentially allow you to blow away the entire economy in one turn with a per rocket/bomber limit instead of a total limit.

  • Germany is really the only country that sould buy aa for rockets: The strategy being that on the first turn they get rockets and buy 2 aa guns, and move the german aa gun to east euro and the south euro aa to the balkans.  The next turn they will have 5 aa guns capable of hitting britain, caucasious, and russia, the balkans and east euro one shoots at russia, the south euro shoots at cauc, and the german and west euro ones shoot at britain.  Each turn the allies will lose about 17.5 IPC on average, AND on the first turn you can take away 7.5 IPC from gb and 3.5 IPC from cauc averaged.

    11+17.5=28.5 IPC…and on your first turn if you buy 3 tech for rockets and 2 aa guns by the second turn your little investment has already paid for itself, and all of this is not cheating because only one aa per territory is shooting, which follows the rules.

    I did this last time I was germany, and I won (except I spent 4 tech dice, so actually it wasn’t until turn 3 that it more than paid for itself.)

    The only prob I see with this strategy is that if you dont get rockets it could be by turn 4 or 5 that the rockets pay for themselves, and even when I did get it all on first turn I spent so little on actual combat units that I had a somewhat tough time versus russia.

  • According to the rules, a factory may only be hit by one rocket per turn. The average damage for hitting britain/russia/caucasus is 10.5, not 17.5

  • not that it matters that much but the avg damage is 10, not 10.5 or 17.5. (the damage done to an ic cannot exceed the ipc value of the territory in which it is located)

  • No, the total average damage to the Allies is 10.5:

    3.5 to Britain, 3.5 to Caucasus, and 3.5 to Moscow.

  • Actually Tri… the average IS a bit less than 10.5 per round because you will NEVER get any 5’s or 6’s in the average from Caucuses.  Granted, you will have a higher than average # of 4’s for damage, but the lack of potential 5’s and 6’s reduces the overall average for bombing/rockets against all 3 targest at the same time by a fraction…

    I think the math actually comes out around 9.87 points per round because of the lack of potential 5’s and 6’s for Caucuses.

  • I stand corrected  😄

  • LOL, NP.

    Gotta run, I think halftime is about over 😄

  • I wouldn’t recommend trying to research rockets, even with Germany who is in a superior position to utilize them. Even if you roll a whopping NINE dice of tech (45 IPCs…), there is still roughly a 20% of you NOT getting the tech! That’s pretty crappy. For rockets to work well for Germany you’d almost really have to get the tech within your first 3 rolls. I’ve tried rocket teching before, and every time I get it within my second set of 3 rolls I lose because I lack the land units to even hold Eastern Europe where one of the rockets needs to be positioned : /. It’s too hard to balance getting a carrier + rolling 3 techs + land units for the first round, and then still rolling 3 tech dice every turn after that to get it.

  • I think the math actually comes out around 9.87 points per round because of the lack of potential 5’s and 6’s for Caucuses.

    Hmm isn’t it just 10 even?

    It’s 3.5 for Britain and 3.5 for Moscow obviously (1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21/6 = 3.5)

    Then it’s 3 for Caucasus (1+2+3+4+4+4 = 18/6 = 3)

    3.5 + 3.5 + 3 = 10

  • Now I stand corrected… I was using a 3.5 maximum on one of the number sets…  sorry

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Check out morrison games.com they got a video of this idea ( under german strategy)

  • I’ve watched that video a lot. I completley disagree with all of his strategies now, whereas before I was sort of in awe of it. His Allied strategy involves sending MASSIVE amounts of infantry to India (like 5 Russian inf per turn!), building dual complexes with the UK, and rolling for rockets as Germany. All of these are extremely inefficient strategies, and I’d probably kick his ass if he hasn’t changed since then. He puts very little pressure on Germany early on, and relies too much on sinkiang/India complex which are laughable to the Japanese if not paired up with the threat of an American navy.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    BUt wait what about his Soviet strategy… I thought that was pretty good IMO. If you just send those guys that one turn and perform those attacks the Soviet player has done much to help out UK in the long run. The others are playable… only not the best…but i agree with most of what you say.

  • ooops sorry for the bum strategy… I didnt know the whole rocket once per factory rule.

    But as for the whole not getting rockets, we play with the house rule where every tech is 12 points except heavy bombers, then you spend 5 IPCs for a tech role and the role you get is the points your get so about 3-4 dice should get you the rockets, and if I wanted I could have the made up science NA for Germany (one free tech per turn).  Anyways even if you do get tech for 20 IPC, and not get the extra aa, then an average of 10 per turn should repay itself by turn 2.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Alot of people want to try this… my only concern is its not quite unlike a gamble… If it does not pay off in the short term (e.g. you get those damm rockets within a turn or two)… then your too far behind in tempo with matching the build up against the allies it becomes too big of a hole to dig out of. Its not however anything like that UK first turn “cheapo” which ususally allways ends the game if the axis fail at it.

  • Yeah I agree…I’ve tried going rockets and it’s just too much of a gamble. I don’t feel good unless I get it in my first turn with 3 rolls towards it, yet with 3 rolls there’s a very high margin of error to not get the tech. It’s very damaging to get zero combat units out of those IPCs spent; it turns into a snowball effect if you don’t have enough troops to hold your front lines; then Russia gets more and more IPCs and you can’t do anything about it. If you do happen to get rockets with Germany within 1-3 tech rolls it turns out pretty decent as you really put the hurt in Russia’s paycheck if you can manage to hold him back from expanding as well.

    About Morrison’s strategy, it sort of works in that you will have India for a longish time, but the offset is that Africa is going to be uncontested until like round 3 or so, leaving Germany free to blitz 4+ IPCs in Africa…I wouldn’t want to hold India just to lose Africa. He advocates sending FIVE Russian infantry to Persia on the first turn (3 from Caucasus + 2 from Kazakh!), and he advocates to continually send a small stream of infantry too o_O I would have so many problems holding Germany back playing like that…

    Like I said, I used to be in awe of Morrison’s strategies, and indeed, many many of his core concepts are 100% correct if you read his written ones, but after playing around with one advanced tournament player and seeing his strategies, I don’t hold much stock in a split action anymore.

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