Central Powers Navy?

  • Also, well put, Charles.  It is a VERY risky process.  But, if you’re lucky, or the Entente player(s) give you opportunities, it is fun to mix it up this way.

  • @Whackamatt:

    Like any strategy, it will change once you meet the enemy.

    May plays on AA14 are low, but I’m intrigued by the Central Powers navy option and have done it a couple of times to success.  It mostly focuses on Austria building a navy.

    For Germany, it’s too easy for the UK to counter with naval builds, so I don’t go big navy, just 1-2 pieces supplemental.  If the UK counters in a big way, i don’t both; Germany has too many fronts. If the UK does similar/smaller buys, i continue 1-2 a round.  Any UK money spent on ships helps alleviate some Ottoman pressure.

    For Austria, their fleet is pretty well tucked away. Italy starts with some ships, but certainly won’t be spending any on navy. France will rarely do so, and if they do, at the expense of the Germany front. I typically buy one battleship a turn. The benefits as I’ve seen them are thus:

    1 ) Protect my coastline! The armies move so slow, and start so far away from a lot of Austria’s money, it helps to have protected transports that can counter an early US dropping of troops. Without it, you have to leave a lot more land units behind to get the same protection.

    2 ) It helps me get offensive against Italy. I now threaten his coast instead of reacting to their invasions. I have less units, but I’m more mobile, forcing some of their units away from the stalemate.

    3 ) CONDITIONAL: If they don’t combine and contain effectively, my navy can break out and help protect the Ottomans while threatening Egypt/Africa.


    They don’t have enough money to even think about it until the game is going very well for the CP.

    But again, if France and the UK do naval builds round 1, then it’s not really tenable and I switch to something else.

    I would love to find a viable CP naval strategy, but I’m curious. What is Russia doing while you’re building ships for AH instead of artillery?

  • We play a neutral Italy turn 1.  That provides some flexibility for AH player to leave the Adriatic and cause some havoc in the Mediterranean or Black seas on Turn 1.  Note; our Neutral Italy rule provides for starting the UK CA in SZ29 to start in SZ19.

  • Sadly this game does require some house rules for balanced. I like to add all the minor alligned powers (and Greece since hey were allied) as seperate entities. It helps the CP and makes a gunner game.

  • 2020 2018 2017 '15

    Yay!  Played a real live 1914 game. Four players total, read the work in progress write up here:


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