• Got my 2nd edition global 1940 games yesterday. All units look great except the mech infantry. The tops of the uk and Anzac have no detail. They look like a melted piece of plastic from above. The sides look nice though. Also what is with the huge Italian mech piece? It’s like 2 times the size of the US mech inf. not good. I will still have fun regardless

    Looking at the Italian mech again not as big as I thought but still think it should be a bit smaller or USA mech should be bit bigger

  • Buy new from HBG

  • Or leave the Mech.Inf. completely out of your games.

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    Or leave the Mech.Inf. completely out of your games.

    What’s wrong with MI? I think they add a lot to the game, especially for can openers?

  • For my taste the Italian and Russian mechanized (or better “motorized”) infantry as well as the Priest are ugly!
    Since I already own A&A Classic (1984), Pacific (2000), Europe (1999) & 1942 (1st Ed.), I’ve never bought A&A1940. I simply got myself the board, some miniatures for ANZAC & Italy and some more cruisers. There was definitely no need for more US, UK, Jap, Ger & Rs units. – Especially no need for more useless Russian ships!  🙂

    Concerning a historical perspective, the only real fully motorized armies were those of the US and the UK. So our gaming group is pleased with the idea that the small portion of motorized units are part of the tanks.
    The development of „mechanized infantry“ via R&D enables you to accompany each tank with one regular infantry (this represents a greater portion of mech. or mot. units in comparison to your regular inf.)

  • @Narvik:

    On behalf of the community, we all agree with you. Buy new and better Mechs from HBG. See attached pic

    Yes, I immediately checked out hbg for them. Probably will be buying them soon. It’s too bad we couldn’t get better quality for our money from wotc

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