Best tank for Set I

  • its a good question. well i think so anyways. i am curious to see which one of these bad boys gets the blue ribbon.

  • I voted for the KV-1, it has just kicked butt for me.

    there was 10 options, dont know how to make them show up though, my bad, i suck at life! 😞

  • I went for the Tiger.  It’s just that in my experience (however limited) it’s pretty durn hard to roll enough successes to damage this thing. (especially with the Superior Armor 2 ability)

  • Personally, I want with the Churchill Crocodile, I love seeing big bad germans burn and squeal before me…hum…I’m sorry for that last comment  😉
    But still, the KV-1 is really great too. I can’t wait for the next expansion, now we will be able to play only with USSR troops and have a chance to win !
    Hurray !

  • I’m a fan of the KV-1 (and I beat a Tiger army with it to boot). Of course I don’t own a Tiger or a Croc and have not even played against a Croc yet.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Even though some have voted I’m going to mod the poll to include all of the Base Set tanks.

    I even added the Renault. Why? The head of organized play at Wizards of the Coast really likes this tank. If he ever comes here and reads this post, he’ll have to re-tell his story.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Even though some have voted I’m going to mod the poll to include all of the set I tanks.

    Personally I think the Sherman is by far one of the best well-rounded tanks in the game. However, the Crocodile is probably the most broken tank in the game.


    • It is only 21 points

    • 4 movement, it can outflank the German tanks

    • Reasonalbly tough armor at 5/4

    • A fairly decent gun against armor

    • One of the best anti-infantry tank guns in the game


    • Another cheap heavy armor at 35 pts.

    • Incredible armor of 7/6. Can matchup with the Tiger.

    • The flamethrower. It has a 37% chance to auto-kill any tank at short range. Park this tank on the objective.

    • The top 3 constructed teams (including my winning team) at GenCon SoCal had Crocodiles.

  • I got the new set yesterday, and if it’s possible, I’d like to change my vote to the King Tiger; this thing is bad-a$$!  For the Allies, my favorite would probably have to be the Russian IS-2.

  • Haha, yeah Ian’s story about his “Renault Rush” army was pretty good.

  • Hell, i voted for the carro armato. They are cheap and i demolished a canadian army with them. PEACE

  • Panther…no contest. Speed + Range = Armor. Very supportable tank.

  • When supported with the right infantry the Tiger I is my choice.

  • @Doppelbock:

    Haha, yeah Ian’s story about his “Renault Rush” army was pretty good.

    I’m anxious for a SOUMA, and the Char that’s coming in ConSkies will be nice as well.  I learned first-hand the danger of underestimating a French army.  The French armor is more than capable of handling Panzer II’s.  Still, point for point nothing beats the T-34/76

  • im going with the easy eight. Its heavy rought and almost instopable. I know it cost 56 pts but when you play 150-200 pts army its a must to have!! Ive play’d it a couple of times and it never got killed and if you combine it with 2 shermans or a Kv-1 you can cover one flank with on aditional infantry or machine gun and surround the enemy on the other flank

  • I picked the tiger just because i think its cool and i colect the axis myself  😄

  • Its got to be the crocodile for me!  I love the tank its a marvel at such a low price.  As a UK army only person I always make sure and take at least one.

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