Gent or Antwerp : Looking for players (have several already)

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    We’ve got a core group of five guys that normally play in Flanders with a few more sometimes-y people. 90% of the time we’re at a game store called “The Outpost” in Gent that’s often full of smelly nerds, but the beer is cheap and there’s plenty of space. We start at 12:30pm sharp, and end, at the extreme earliest, at 9pm. The next two games are August 8th and August 23rd, so if you’re in the area and interested, let me know.

    I actually live closer to Antwerp, so if you’re already part of a group in either city, I’d love to hear about it as well!

    The version we play is A&A 1940 (either european or global, depending on the number of players and time constraints), though I also have access to 1942. I’ve played just about every other version there is as well.

    Ik ben geen Belg, en spreek nederlands als een vier of vijf jargie, toch everyone else in the group is a flemish person (except for a dutch guy). I’m from the states and have been here for two years, and will probably be around for at least a year more.

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