• A friend of mine recently tried something we have never seen before. Before the US is in the war, he flew some US planes over to Europe and parked them in UK spaces. This is to prevent the Axis from taking those territories without triggering a US entrance into the war. Which of course, the Axis doesn’t want.

    The only movement restrictions that we can find in the rulebook cover US naval units. But this move seems SO wrong. So… what are we missing? Is this legal? If not, why not?

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    Morning JonM and welcome to the forum.
    These Moves were illegal, I am afraid. Whilst Neutral,  a country cannot land Air units in another nation. It can only do this when Allied, so when it is at war.

  • Could of course make a house rule for your basement exclusively that allowed just that, but in tournament play against serious opponents I don’t think they will endorse it, man. Too much of a game breaker.

  • I’m glad you guys agree! Can I ask where in the rulebook this is covered? I cannot find it…

  • Page 15 of the Europe 40 rulebook, the blue box in the upper right hand corner labeled “Powers not at war with one another”.

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