Transporting Artillery

  • Horses were also used to transport cable repair men quickly (not the jim carrey type :roll:) This was a major deal. in stalengrade german snipers were told to shoot the horse before the man, men the ruskys had plenty, but not to many horses. but being able to fix radio lines fast was of major importance in stalingrade considering that on any givin black everyother building would have a different army in it.

  • And starving German troops in Russia ate their horses.  They invaded Russia wearing summer uniforms, wearing leather boots with iron nails in the summer of 1941.  Like Napoleon more than a century earlier.

    Starve and freeze they did.

    Them Ruskies had felt gloves and felt boots, thanks to that evil capitalist empire the United States.

  • very good Yoda, but i was under the impression that we were an imperialistic country, not capitalism.

  • We are all imperialist stooges.  :?

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    Okay folks, please stay on topic. Let’s not start a flame war.  Keep it somewhat friendly 🙂

  • A few of my friends and i decided that in world war 2 the artillery pieces were moveable. The conclusion that we came to was that if a tank or half track were to pull the artillery piece, you would have to roll a die to determine whether the tank could carry the piece. On a one two or three the tank didnt have enough strength. One disadvantage that we made was that the vehicle lost 1 speed to compensate for the weight of the piece. Another disadvantage is that it counts as two pieces and if the tank is destroyed while pulling it then the piece is also destroyed. when the tank is pulling the piece and both are in a hex, they count as one unit. Let me know what u guys think and if u have any better ideas. -PEACE

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