What to do with those ANZAC inf…

  • Just curious to see what you guys do with the 2 ANZAC inf in Egypt and the 1 in Malaya. I usually withdraw the Malayan inf west to defend calcutta,bot at least stall the jap surge thru the Shan state. In Egypt they usually just defend, one going to trans Jordan and 1 staying put. There was this one time;however, when I put them on the Brit transport and had the Anzac get Persia. From here with an IC, the Anzac were able to feed land troops into the Middle East and Africa. Just wanted to see what you guys do, thanks,


  • The ones in Egypt should stay to defend it as long as Italy threatens it and until the UK builds a factory and enough units there. Then, they should walk towards Russia (Iraq should be taken by then).

    I like to leave the Malayan inf there and just move the British inf up, to prevent Japan from just dropping in and perhaps making them send 1 or 2 planes.

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    I do the same, Calvinhobbesliker.
    Staying in Egypt makes sense defensively and  gives you the half chance of retaking TJ if the Italians capture it and only have one unit in it. Italy might do this to prevent the UK Suez fleet sailing to the Med and Anzac can thwart this move.

  • Let these three Infantry stay put is the best option.
    Egypt: If Italy really want to get Egypt, you need every unit for defence. Especially if the Taranto-Raid did not occur or failed. Needless to say that they should be the first casualties. Sorry lads!
    Persia: A nice idea. But UK needs the 2 IPC’s and the place for the IC. Australian money should be invested in a fleet (sub’s?!) to harass the IJN and the Japanese convoys.
    Malaya: Since it took too long to move this guy to the “Treasure Islands” (aka Dutch East Indies), let him dug in and wait for the Japanese invasion.

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