Looking for players in Colorado Springs, co

  • Built a new 8’1X3’9 table and room for 1940s 2nd edition. Looking for players that wanna play a little more frequently than once a week. 2-3 nights a week just to keep it moving. Right now just have a problem getting people here at the same time. Don’t want to bicker, questions on rules, look it up and move on. Just saying that because I wanna have fun, not “ugh” all the time. I still get confused on the rules sometimes… I get it. So if you wanna play let me know. If you wanna see pics, see my tweets @muunkie34. Colorado Springs, CO

  • '15

    I understand this doesn’t help you right now, but the gf and I are moving out your way next fall.  Once we live there you’ll have two players

  • I’m in.  Let me know- I’m in the Springs and looking for a group.

  • Awsome! Looking to get a group together. Right now it just me and my frind and sometimes my brother. And that’s maybe every other weekend. So the more the better at this point to get playing time up… Muunkie34@yahoo.com.

  • My son and I would like to join a group for occasional play. We play quite frequently, but games of only two have their limitations. Several times a week would be too much for our schedule, but I would love to start off with even a one-time game. We have WWI, the original WWII game (3rd edition, I think), the original Pacific and the Global edition which includes the European and Pacific theaters that can be joined together or played separately. Let us know if anyone is up for joining us.

  • We’ve dropped off from playing. Lack of players. Beating my friend over and over started to get boring. Would love to revitalize playing again if players started popping up. But from what you can see from last years posting… harder than it looks. But, anyone wants to let me know. Muunkie34@yahoo.com😄

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