Hearts of Iron DH to global conversion

  • I’m considering doing a conversion of the hearts of iron 2 darkest hour game over to A&A global and see how it plays or at least get some decent new unit ideas. One of the units portrayed in this game is an HQ unit which doesn’t necessarily apply to a specific general but rather to about 5,000 planning/logistical support staff for an army group. One simple way I was thinking that could work to represent this would be in the way that if the unit is present then the ground combined arms rules would take effect. Essentially it would be an armored car that moves 2 and maybe defends at a 1, costs 4-5, but allows for the infantry/artillery and armor/tactical coordination. In a very abstract way this could assist with portraying the German leadership that made their army so successful at the beginning of the war. After doing some research on the invasion of France one of the most significant aspects for success I found was that the German Army had implemented small unit initiative tactics while the French armies would have to wait for orders to come down the line just to reposition. Any thoughts on how well this armored car unit could serve this purpose?

  • Just noticed this topic belongs in house rules or variant setups  :oops:

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