• Okay, so I get the one time bonus of 30 when US enters the war or whatever, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a misprint: +30 IPC’s if the US controls Western US (when at war)…

    So beyond the one time bonus, the US (lets say hadn’t lost anything) starts collecting 47 IPC’s each and every turn starting round 3 if they declare war on Japan? I haven’t played the game yet but will in 2 days, and this just seemed like a massive boost and wanted to make sure the National Objective of gaining the 30 IPC’s wasn’t also a one time thing like when the US has war declared upon them.

  • Morning Alexkoepp and welcome to the forum.

    The US does, indeed, collect a bonus of 30 whilst at war with Japan. You will discover it needs this income or will not stand a chance fighting Japan. India and Anzac will be struggling on 3-10 income a turn, whilst Japan is collecting 60-70.
    America is all that is stopping Japan from winning. The income boost represents the East Coast, which is not represented in Pacific.

    I hope I have helped.

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