• I play axis and allies often, and there is one stratagy that always works for the allies. In this game, all strategys should be based off your opponents moves, but the first turn moves and purchases are straight forward.

    buy- 10 INF 1 TANK

    In short, don’t do anything. Pull all the troops that GE has not killed back to Belorussia, eastern Ukraine and Archangel. Pull all the troops out of karilia into Archangel. Take your AA with you.However, leave only 1 INF in Belorussia and eastern Ukraine. they should create a buffer for Moscow so you can take out all your troops there and put them into Archangel and the Caucasus. I will not go into all the other troops, but bring everything past the Urals east and everything else west.

    Place the tank in Moscow, 4 INF in the Caucasus, 1 in Karilia, and 5 in Moscow.

    buy- 1 factory 3 subs (save the rest)

    Do the obvious moves. bring trans Jordan troops to Egypt, take out the German navy, possibly land in norway. DO NOT LAND PLANES IN RUSSIA YET. Russia needs the IPCs more then it needs anything else. it does not need extra defence. In the east, pull out of burma. leave 1 troop tho as a buffer. also, bring your transport and destroyer west to bring your troops from South Africa up by means of transport. take your troops out of Australia and flee. you are outmatched and those troops will not matter.

    Place the factory in India, and the subs in England.

    buy- All subs.

    Subs are like sea INF. Their cheap, have good attack and destroy any fleet if it is lacking a destroyer. Your turn depends largely on what Japan does first. In any case DO NOT position your fleet near Hawaii. It is too easy for the Japanese to kill. Go to CA. You will have the benefits of supply lines and you can start island hopping turn 2. bring all your planes to land on Hawaii. the Japanese lack the transports to kill the island.in the west move all your troops to England. leave your destroyer in case of an Italian sneak attack into DC.

    Place the subs in CA with the rest of your fleet

    buy- 2 INF

    Your turn is simple- respond to Japanese attacks. protect your fighter at all costs. retake kuyontung of possible/ take one of the 3 Japanese coastal settlements. Take pressure off India, if it survives you will have 3 tanks a turn. make sure you do not need Russian reinforcements by making stupid attacks. Sneak through Japanese lines and create as much chaos as possible

  • as a japan player, I really love when UK players put a factory in India on turn 1. I can reliably take India turn 2, which gives me a nice boost into Russia. So for UK players I would not recommend doing that.

  • @smoke

    Ehh thats kind of open to interpretation. Because not putting a factory in India basically is letting Japan win, there’s a right way of doing it and that right way is getting the factory on there before Japan can intercept and take it, which considering the UK is very able to put a factory there, use it by turn 2, I dont think Japan will be able to take India that quickly, but thats just my opinion

  • @luftwaffles41 if UK puts a factory turn 1, they don’t get to put anything there cuz japan is there by turn 2. Then, japan gets to spawn their own units there on turn 3 if UK put a factory there on turn 1. Japan goes before UK so turn 1 - Japan moves, UK places factory. Turn 2 - Japan takes India, UK doesn’t have chance to spawn units there. If UK wants to keep India reliably then you gotta do something weird like have russia move some guys from caucuses into persia on turn 1 and then into india on turn 2 to help defend it.

  • @smoke

    Well, if the Japanese player knows how to successfully perform the Calcutta crush, then in that scenario, yeah the Soviets may have to come help a brother out.

    But lets get technical here then.

    3 infantry and an artillery already begin on India, along with an AA gun.

    Japan possess 3 infantry on French Indo China, with 2 transports consisting of 3 infantry and an artillery off the coast of China. And maybe if you’re willing to take the 2 transports on the Caroline islands over there with the extensive 2 infantry there.

    The UK already has a transport in India, fully capable of shucking a tank and infantry as well as the fighter from Egypt.

    That brings the UK up to quite the formidable force to which Japan will then need to go all in to take India, and for that matter at that point you’re taking away from your advancement on the money islands, the assault and ground and pound on china, and most importantly the fight against America.

    I know what you’re talking about how Japan can very easily perform a ground and pound on Japan, but frankly it doesn’t matter how many units Japan takes to India, because the British player fortunately have possession of 2 british destroyers that can act as blockers against the Japanese.

  • @luftwaffles41 so I’ve attached a picture of what Japan usually looks like after I play their turn 1 (give or take 1 infantry in certain places like Burma and China). I think it’s a strong opening because I destroy America’s fleet, grab the money islands + Philippines + part of china, and prepare to take India. India has no fleet in India’s waters because I take it out with 2 fighters on turn 1. So, India must defend on turn 2 with nothing more than 3 infantry and 1 artillery. It is possible they get 1 fighter from Egypt into India on their turn 1 for some extra defense, but that’s assuming they didn’t lose Egypt on Germany’s first turn, and if they want to weaken Egypt even further. Even if they move the fighter to India, Japan takes India on turn 2 with 4 infantry from the money islands, 1-3 infantry from Burma, and 2-3 fighters from sea zone 37 and French Indo China. (the one fighter in Kwangtung still needs to land in french indo china). Unless UK gets really lucky with the aa gun shots, Japan will take India. https://imgur.com/Zom4aad

  • @smoke

    Not a bad strategy, but as I said, it’s of the most importance that because all it really takes is for the British to act as some sort of annoyance to Japan atleast and hold the Money Islands or liberate the Philipines for America. Like I said the Culcutta crush doesn’t necassarilly mean the end of the game for me as Japan, but more over that the Americans will have to do KJF, which is what I normally do anyway since Japan can’t outbuild me as America for squat.

    The basic idea is to start at the Solomon islands, and then slowly work your way West.

    And of all else, all the U.K really have to do is instead of building a factory on India to just build a factory on Australia. While it’s not much to say where they build 2 units a turn, it’s still an industrial safe haven for the British to reevaluate, prepare for inevitable takeback of the Japanese controlled territories and win the game at the end of the day. Because granted, it’s really difficult to stop the Japanese from taking India on turn 2. This has been a serious pain I’ve had with axis and allies 1941 setup which is why I pay more attention to the 42’ setup as it’s much more balanced.

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