• First let me say I have only recently discovered this site and love it.  I’ve played A&A off and on since the first release in real life games with local friends and occasionally conventions.  This site is fantastic and I look forward to jumping into league play and/or the next tournament.

    Bidding is new for me and I see it used either straight up or in tournament with Rus bomber plus bid.  It seems a cool game balance mechanic.  I am wondering if there are any current threads on bid strategy and what best ideas are for what to do with them.  If not, what do you do and why?

    Surface thoughts I have include:

    6 for sub to support Lepanto seems obvious.
    if allowed to put something on nothing, inf for Anzac to get NO.
    Inf or better to deal with Ethiopia.
    Force for Alex and Egypt to hit Italy T1.
    A 2nd fighter for China could be interesting as could Russian spend in the east to make smashing a Russian stack problematic for Japan.
    and of course the is always a bomber for France (kidding).

    It seems like the best bang for the bucks are to shut down Italy.

    The other way I look at it is how confident are you with Axis / what bid can you suffer to play them.  In othet words an Axis player that can beat a 25 bid is more confident than one who will only suffer a bid of 12.

    What do you think?

  • My common bids include a sub in 98, inf in Sudan (for Ethiopia), art or tank for Alexandria (for Tobruk), inf New Guinea (for NO).

    If you allow facilities, you can bid an IC in Egypt.

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    Hi Kzinti and welcome

    Most people use a unit bid, however some have been trying a repeating cash bid for the US. You could also use it with Russia. It is discussed here:


    Hadn’t heard of a second Chinese fighter. Sounds fun to me.

    You’re gonna like it here. : )

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    Welcome on board Kzinti and have fun.

    Usually is a bid between 9 till 21, the most frequent is I guess 18.
    But it depends on who you playing.

  • interesting. I will check out that thread.

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