NCAA FB #1 and #2 the only safe places to be…


    Week 1.
    #3  UTK 17  UAB 10  -  disappointing win drops the Vols to #5.  They lose to UFL after a bye week and beat LSU after Hurricane Katrina, but at QB problem suddenly dooms them and the Vols never recover.

    Week 2.
    #3 Mich 10  #20  ND 17  -  Losses to Wisc and Minn drop them out of the top 25 for the first time in any alumni’s memory.  They eventually beat Penn St. to get back, but just lost to OSU in the last game.  Bowl eligible.

    Week 3.
    #3 LSU did not play.

    Week 4.
    #3 LSU 27  #10 UTK 30 - Only loss so far.  LSU also beat Auburn.  Will play for the SEC Championship if they can beat Ark next week.  Latest poll ranks them #3 again, so watch out.

    Weeks 5-9.
    #3 VT wins.  The #4-10 spots change frequently during this time as other teams suffer losses.  Bama and Penn St. rack up victories beyond their week 1 ranked conference contenders.  Several teams take 1st half leads vs #1 USC, but falter in their upset bids.  Of those, #9 ND came closest to winning. 
    Top 10 noteable Upsets: 
    Week 7.
    #4 FSU 21  UVA 26.  The Mia / GT game postponed game due to Hurricane Wilma.
    Week 9.
    #4 UGA 10  #16 UFL 14

    Week 10.
    #3 VT 7  #5 Mia 27 - Minor upset vaults Mia over #4 Bama.

    Week 11.
    #3 Mia wins.  #5 LSU beats #4 unbeaten Bama in OT, but Mia stays at #3.  UVA beats #24 GT to knock them out of the top 25 again.

    Week 12.
    #3 Mia 10  GT 14.  Massive upset puts LSU back at #3.  Hurricane season is over.  LSU and Mia losses at #3 were both hurricane related.

    The season is far enough along so the top 10 as of week 12 will all get bowl bids.  Its just a matter of which ones.

    AP poll notables:
    #1 USC
    #2 UTXA  -  Closest game vs then #4 (now #9) OSU
    #3 Mia  -  not after the loss.  BCS chance slim.
    #4 LSU only loss to former #3 UTK.
    #5 PSU only loss to former #3 Mich.  Started year unranked.
    #6 ND beat former #3 Mich.
    #7 VT  only loss to current #3 Mia.  Had the longest span at #3 prior to loss.
    #8 Bama -  not after the loss.  No BCS for you.  Started year just off of the top 25 in AP but USA Today gave a #24 rank. 
    #9 OSU Moving up.  Just beat #17 Mich (former #3).  Only losses to current #2 and #5.  3 places apart between those victors.

    Several other teams are gonna fight for the last BCS spot.

    With all of the turmoil in the lower ranks, I expected upsets to #1 and #2 as well.  But the #3 pops up a lot in these stats.

  • ND, PSU, and Bama started out off or nearly off of the top 25.

    UTK, OU, Iowa, Purdue, TAMU, Boise St, Cal, AZ St, UVA, & Pittsburgh are 9 teams that started out ranked, and have since fallen out of the top 25.


    Penn St is #3 in the BCS ranks.
    LSU is #3 in the USA Today and AP polls.  But it may slip before the SEC championship game vs #13 UGA.

    LSU had an unconvincing 19-17 win at home vs Ark, a team with a losing season.

    I think the best potential upset will be UNC vs. #5 VT.
    Earlier this year, UNC scored 16 at Miami, the 3rd highest point total the 'Canes have given up.
    UNC has also quality wins vs  #23 UVA  and  #19 BC.
    The key will be for the defense to hold back Marcus Vick and his powerful Hokies scoring machine.

    Other interesting games. 
    #23 FSU at #19 UFL
    #13 UGA at. #20 GT
    Too close to call for FSU.
    UGA is obviously favored.  GT has lost only 1 at home this year. 
    Conference-wise, these games are meaningless.
    But both are major rivalries.
    I’d love to see the minor upsets in both.
    Both would still be great games if the favoreds prevailed.


    The disappointing LSU performance is all the more glaring when you count how Ark gambled and lost on a 2 pt. play.
    Ark also missed 2 field goals. 
    Ark was in FG range in the last minute before an interception sealed the 2 pt loss.
    LSU was favored by 17.

    PSU should easily trade up to #3. 
    The Lions need only await a UTX or USC loss, possibly both ( really unlikely), to get into the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.
    The other big money bowls will all bid for Joe Pat’s team.

    The SEC Championship game vs UGA will be a must win if LSU want to get back to #3.
    This is of course, dependent on the VT as the Hokies can score the BCS #3 with the ACC Championship win after a strong showings vs UNC.

  • How many years have we had the BCS?  7.

    Some yahoo thinks he has written a gret piece here…

    If no part of his nightmare occurs, I think, this is the first time in the BCS history that the clear #1 & #2 ranked teams will play in the ChampGame.

    I seem to recall arguments over most , if not all the other games.

    I personallly miss the mix of 11 Bowls to choose from on NYD (and about 21 for the week to ten days around some long forgotten segregationist holiday and NYD.)

  • I checked the rankings link above and the LSU Tigers are still at #3, but by a smaller margin over Penn St.

    coincidentally, the Lady Tigers are currently ranked #3 in Women’s basketball.

  • #3 LSU  trails  #13 UGA  by 2 TD’s at  11:50 to go in the 3rd Q.

    1 USC vs # 2 UTX is all set.

  • LSU has Lost!!!

    #5 VT trails unranked FSU early in the 3rd Q  3 - 17.

    Upsets abound today except for #1 and #2.

    VT might still tough it out.

  • Moderator

    Looks like FSU is going to hold on.


    3 PSU vs. # 22 FSU  Tied going into 3OT.

    The heat of the Orange Bowl should be favorable to FSU as I listen on the radio, but FSU just had a field goal attempt bounce off of the upright.

    With so many misses, the kickers are giving their old coaches heart attacks.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Texas is number 1 . get over anything other than that. Final score : texas 34 USC: 25

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    ok…. SO I WAS OFF JUST A LITTLE:  Texas 41 USC 38  I knew we would win.

  • @Imperious:

    ok…. SO I WAS OFF JUST A LITTLE:  Texas 41 USC 38   I knew we would win.

    VERY nice win.
    I don’t think that Texas knew they would win for a while there tho’ . . . .

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    So CC how did that game rank with your “grey cup” thing 4 months ago? You like american football just a little bit more … eh?

  • Being from the A&M area, but still a Texan, I had a little heart in the game for the Longhorns.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched any sports, but the bowl games this weekend were exciting.  Now, if only the “Professional” athletes would play like the college guys, then maybe they’d be worth a fraction of what they really get paid.

    However, that game could have gone either way.  They are both great teams.  There never is a number 1.  It was an awesome game, and I’m glad it was so close.

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