• We have been playing A&A since I was young, and we bought/ played every new updated version.
    None of these previous games were as good and interesting as Global War 1939.

    We have played several different tactics, however, one is still unclear: The early attack of Germany against Russia.

    1. What if Germany uses all its resources to attack Russia only, Japan does the same thing (only attacks Comm China/ Russia/ and Asian France), and Italy joines (because of the German war with Russia) the war against Russia.
      So Germany does not attack Poland or Holland or France.
      Can the UK and France at that moment declare war to Germany?

    2. Again, what if Germany uses all its resources to attack Russia only, BUT Japan attacks Dutch territoria and FEC territoria in the Pacific.
      Does this mean that UK and France can declare war to Germany or only to Japan?

    I did not find a understandable rule in the newest version 7.2

    Thanks a lot.
    Questions from a Dutch Soldier.

  • As long as Germany respects the western allies and Holland Britain, France, Poland, and the dutch can’t go to war with Germany, but the US can. If Japan attacked the Dutch then the western allies would go to war with Japan only.

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