Alternative History WWII on 1914 Map

  • Before we start, a word on the last game of 1914 as it relates to a previous house rule- we changed the Neutral Power House Rule to 1-3 join the invading alliance and 4-6 mobilize to resist, and from there used the house rule. It worked well. Also in this game- German player moved all of his forces into one giant murderball and attacked west, act shocked when it failed to produce results there and left his nation open and Russia alive. Only astute AHUN play and marvelous results from the Ottoman Empire stopped it from being a crushing Entente victory.

    So after our last game, history has been changed wildly but not in the conventional manner. The Central Powers did not win- nor did the Entente. While the Entente was about to turn the tide for good, victory was less than assured and would come only after many years more of terrible bloodshed. Meanwhile, Central Power leadership realizes that victory is now unlikely- the Russians are still in this, Italy is still in this, and every possible Allied move is still in play. AH Empire and the Ottomans approach the Germans and tell them they are going to approach the Entente for peace terms. After all, despite heavy losses, both nations have more territory than before and are in a better position than they began, but they know defeat is only a matter of time. Germany is outraged, but accepts. The Entente powers accept because they don’t see victory as an assured thing and even if they do, it is now 1925 and victory can only come on the heels of Europe being utterly decimated.

    Results? German colonial possessions taken by France, who also gained Alsace.
    The Americans actually invaded Spain and took its possessions as well.
    The United Kingdom is actually weakened by a resurgent Ottoman Empire and its promises of independence to most colonies and commonwealth members. It counts them amongst its allies, but it doesn’t have the same power anymore.
    Italy was never on the offensive but as part of the peace treaty gained Albania and sees the war as a success, having repelled the AH Empire’s advances (due in no small part to France).
    The Ottoman Empire is spreading across the Middle East and North Africa mostly unchecked.
    Russia does not undergo a revolution until after the war is over, and when we hit 1940 it is still ongoing.
    Germany has been forced to restructure and industrialize, but is smaller than it was before.
    The Austrian-Hungarian Empire has grown and thanks to promises of independence and commonwealth with balkan states has been able to create an era of relative peace and unity in its borders, as well as the borders of its commonwealth.

    A generation passes and war strikes again. It will be played on the 1914 map but with some territorial changes as well as expansion (using dry erase to carve up regions where needed, such as dividing several Russian territories into many more).

    The questions are:
    1- What are the alliances? We’ve kicked around more than a few ideas. With nine factions- White Russia vs Red Russia included- we’ve even explored 3v3v3.
    2- What new territories should be created?
    3- We will be using the units from the Global game, but for units present in both, what rules should be used? Contested with higher values(1914) or obliteration in combat with lower values(others)?

  • Ever tried this?

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