Dutch Rule Clarification Needed

  • I’d appreciate some feedback regarding Axis capturing Dutch territories in the Pacific… 1940 Global 2nd edition rules clearly state that an attack by Japan on any Dutch territory triggers war between UK/ANZAC and Japan. It’s my understanding that while USA considers an unprovoked attack by Japan on either UK or ANZAC directly as an act of war (triggering US entry into war), an attack by Japan on a Dutch territory does not trigger war between USA and Japan. Is that the consensus for the Dutch rule as well? That it would not pull USA into war being that a Japan attack on a Dutch territory is not considered a direct attack on UK or ANZAC?

  • Yes, it is still an unprovoked attack by Japan.

  • UK / Anzac actualy are considered allies of the dutch and japan is attacking the ally there.

    The only way that japan can attack the UK/Anzac/Dutch zones without getting the US in the war is if either.
    A 🙂 UK/Anzac attack some japan country/units
    B 🙂 UK/Anzac put units in china.

    All other situations put the US in the war.

  • Okay. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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