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    How about loading the Anzac troops in Egypt on a UK transport, dropping them in Persia round 2, then buying a factory and landing the 3 fighters there round 3?  Starting in round 4 Anzac would have 4 inf, 3 fighters and be producing units.

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    Brazil seems inferior to Central US/SE.Mexico? Both are 4 away from SZ 92. Both are 6 away from London.

    The Central US territories additionally also allow it to get back to Hawaii. Brazil does not. Any reason why you prefer Brazil?

    You’re probably right.  Two things for you to consider, though.

    One is, maybe USA is not at war yet so you can’t land on Central USA.  Maybe ANZ or UK has taken Brazil.

    Second is, you do have more options to get deeper into Africa.  But you’re probably right - Central America would be better in many cases.

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