The Great War

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    Richard Borg’s WWI trench warfare game.

    Looks like the figures are too brittle and break easily; I’d replace them anyway as they’re those horrible “big head” figs from PSC.

    HaT can supply better.

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    Sorry to reply to such an old topic. I just came across this game the other day for the first time, and wondered if it popped up on the forums anywhere. This is the lone hit haha.

    Has anyone played this? I’m very intrigued by it. It looks like the gaming mechanics work really similarly to the Battle Cry Civil War game, which I have and enjoy playing too. I love playing Battle Cry when we want to get a game fix in. Individual battles only take about 45 minutes I think, but you can play whole campaigns if you still want a longer fix too.

    Would love to hear if anyone has anything to say about this, and whether it’s worth the buy. I see there’s at least expansions for a French army and one for tanks. Maybe others?

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