• Question: the rulebook states that UK India cannot collect on dollars that “normally” would go to UK England. Does that mean that if India recaptures Persia (formerly pro-allied neutral) from Germany, while London is under Axis control, then IPCs do NOT go to India since those dollars would have “normally” gone to UK England. I know this would not apply to another Allied country recapturing Persia from Germany - aka if the US captures Persia then those dollars go to the US. Is that the right interpretation?

  • I think so. The UK is one country with two economies, not two countries with the same turn. Persia would thus be controlled by the UK, and its money would thus go to the Europe side, which can’t collect it.

  • That’s my take. It would be interesting from one of the game designers.

  • Ya, only IPCs on the pacific board go to India and the europe board goes to london.

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    That’s right.

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