A&A Global 1940 2nd edition - Game Aids

  • Hi All,

    It took awhile but I have finished some Game Aids, we use in our games. It concerns NO-cards, battleboard with and without R&D and country cheat sheets with troop info and national objectives. Keep in mind that document formats are based on european standards, so A-something.

    The link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mhkadktx9db3i/Axis_%26_Allies

    Feel free to download, use and alter to your own needs. Or please provide me with feedback when you detect errors

    At this moment only the pdfs are on the folder but the sources will follow. I just have to sort reorganise all the files.

    The only thing remaining is the R&D cards, but they will follow in a few weeks.

    P.S. Can someone make this thread sticky? Thanks.

  • Great work. Would be interested in the source files.

  • Thanks, sources have been added, enjoy!

    Please note that the National Objective cards are made in Libre/OpenOiffce. They should open in MS Word as well. Please note that there is a folder with all the fonts used (also for the other meterials!!).

    The battleboards and the R&D board made in InkScape and saved in Inkscape svg format. So opening the svg’s with any image viewer will result in a different picture than the pdf versions.

    The battleboard has a system: the dice are 4 different colors representing the necessary hit-numbers. Reason is that you can throw the whole attack or defensse in one roll. Replacing the colors of the dice on the board with your own dice colors may increase the wow-factor of your game.

    There are two versions of the R&D boards one with yellow texts and one with a blueish color.


  • Thank you so much for making these game aids available. A lot of work went in to them and its greatly appreciated. Particularly new to me were the “WC”, the cards to indicate who a power is at war with…. cool. Well don! BIG THANK YOU!

  • '19 '18 '17

    Very nice idea with the telegrams and stuff.

    While reading the german ones, I’ve seen some grammar/wording errors in the german NO cards. Don’t know if someone mind them, but some corrections:

    Geheimdienstbericht von der vom Chef Leiter der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD
    (even though the german intelligence was called “Abwehr” I think)

    Schnellbrief Telegramm

    An der den Obersten Befehlshaber der deutschen Truppen

    Betrifft: Betreff:

    This looks like a lot of work  :lol:

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