Ottoman Empire's war plan

  • Ok, it’s going to be hard for them because you don’t know what the allies are going do to you before you get your turn. They can try kill you first, or hurt you badly, or really don’t pay attention to you which would be good. Most of your purchases should reinforce your empire not much should be going to Russia especially if the british get aggressive. Please share how to improve this strategy.

    With 16 ipc you buy 4 inf, and 1 art.

    Move all of Constantinople forces into Bulgaria to activate it, then you use that force to go into Romania, then invade Russia!, or invade Greece and maybe other Balkans then go and invade Russia!, or do both by splitting your army.
    If Trans-Jordan survives,then retreat the forces to Smyrna.
    Even if Mesopotamia is captured, or contested, or left alone still move all forces from Ankara and Syrian Desert into Mesopotamia.

    The summary is to help your allies knock out Russia by using your Constantinople/Bulgarian army and gain enough ipcs to push back the british out of your empire to invade other territories like Arabia, Egypt, maybe Persia and maybe India! Navy wise is not much, but if your tired of landings probably build a CV to defend, or if really want you could also buy a BB, or some subs to try to take the transports out or raid the allies Med navies to make the allies purchase more ships. Also when you want to attack India, build some tanks because there great offensive units and suck up hits and don’t forget to ask your allies for help if your capital is in danger!

    So there you go. Cheers! 😄

  • Well invading Greece is a really bad idea, so is buying a navy. Helping to invade Russia is a good idea however with some luck you dont need to as the other CPs can do that alone and the Ottomans really need every troup they have in order to defend against UK.
    So in simple terms the initial goal is to defend against UK and later to capture India/africa if the tides turn.

  • If UK goes all-in in India, then all the Ottomans can do is play defense. If UK splits his focus between India and Europe then OE can be a thorn in the side of the Allies. Definitely activate Bulgaria on turn 1, and you may need to help out against Russia. If you get the chance, take Egypt and grab some easy IPC in Africa. Then can you can be a real nuisance.

  • It all depends on what UK does. If UK ignores them the ottomans can really grow quickly and threaten.

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