The Russians were a bit insane anyway and now it can help

  • As i do not own the game,(yet, my mother and my grade are not in Harmony right now), I do not know the individuals set-ups and territories but I would like to know what you think of my new Russian strategy that can only work once:  All western units retreat to Russia and then one builds two fighters and a piece of artillery, then as i see it the German player will be amazed at this and proceed to push all units forward towards Russia, which seems like a tactically sound move, but does not attack Russia yet because all units have retreated, there are some exceptions perhaps such as stray fighters and bombers but mainly he does not attack  because all targets are a turn away.  then Britain and America both build as many fighters as they can.  Then on Russiases turn it does something amazing, it attacks with all units available which seems like total suicide, which it is, but it severely weakens germany, then once this is over, instead of fortifying Russia you build 6 artillery ad retreats its remaining eastern units to the west a bit.  Then Germany will proably continue to attack as seeing he can probably conquer Russia build all tanks and presses onward.  Then Britain invades germany on the Americans turn using joint stirke, (which is a key part of the strategy) which isn’t really fortified using some tanks infantry and mainly air support.  Then in Russia’s next turn its remaining russaian units attack Russia and immediately produce as many infantry as it can.  Then basically Britain produces tanks America invades Africa and the and the allies invade japan, now this strategy will have to be revised and edited but i think i might be able to work and besides it would be fun to play anyway.  Please post your input.

  • All western units can’t reach Russia R1. I also dont understand the stray fighters. (Russia begins with no bomber BTW) You only have 2, why leave them vulnerable? Also, your description of the Russian counterattack is bit vague.

    Give up Caucuses for a turn… why? The German player sees the massive stack of 15 infantry and knows not to stack all his forces in Caucuses.
    No combat.

    All western units to Russia, 3 infantry in Karelia to Archangel.

    G1, presses forth with all available units. Purchases 8 armor, after seeing Russia’s retreat.
    1 infantry —> Caucuses.

    He puts 13-12 infantry, 3-2 artillery, 7 armor and 6 fighters and a bomber in Ukraine, ready to destroy your force that presses forward next round. If he still has his transport, make that 14-13 infantry and 8-7 armor. Make that 10-9 armor if you believe that he will use all units forward toward Russia. Does not take Karelia, so that it will be a 3/4 exchange, instead of 6/6. 2 infantry in Archangel are ready to counter attack with 4 fighter support next turn, so really it is no use to hiim ( or so it seems ).

    R2, presses forward with all units available. Purchases 4 infantry and 3 artillery.
    3-1 infantry, Archangel —> West Russia.
    -Possibly 2 infantry, 4 fighters —>Karelia. Probably not.
    15 infantry, 4 armor, 3 artillery —> Caucuses.

    Seizes West Russia and Caucuses without loss.

    G2, takes Caucuses.
    14 infantry, 10 armor, 3 artillery, 6 fighters, 1 bomber —> Caucuses.
    Round 1.
    1 German fighter hit.
    12 Russian infantry hit.
    8 German infantry hit.
    End of Round 1:
    Attackers: 6 infantry, 10 armor, 3 artillery, 5 fighters, 1 bomber.
    Defenders: 3 infantry, 4 armor, 3 artillery.
    Round 2.
    3 Russian infantry, 4 armor, 3 artillery hit.
    4 infantry hit.
    End of Round 2:
    Attackers: 2 infantry, 10 armor, 3 artillery, 5 fighters, 1 bomber.
    Defenders: Defeated
    #End Combat

    R3. tries to take back Caucuses.
    7-5 infantry, 3 artillery, 4 fighters —> Caucuses.
    Round 1.
    1 Russian fighter hit.
    2 German infantry, 2 artillery hit.
    7 Russian infantry hit.
    End of Round 1:
    Attackers: 3 artillery, 3 fighters
    Defenders: 10 armor, 1 artillery.
    Round 2.
    1 German artillery, 2 German armor hit.
    3 Russian artillery, 2 fighters hit -or- 2 Russian artillery, 3 fighters hit. (to allow capture of province.)

    At this point the attack obviously fails. Russia buys 8(?) infantry to defend Russia… it doesn’t matter. New armor arriving from Germany and Italy next turn.

    I know I assumed alot of things here, but your desciption was a bit vague. If I took mistook your meaning, please correct me!

  • Im sorry, I don;t know the set-up for Russia exactly so thats why my descriptions were so vauge, pleaese post the set-up  for Russia.

  • Yes the person who gave me the set-up for Russia I think missclasculated the inffantry or something I didn’t know that Russia had so many infantry.  So please post the coorect set-us for  the other countries also if you can.

  • Karelia 3 infantry, 1 fighter.

    Archangel 3 infantry, 1 armor.

    Russia 3 infantry, 2 armor, 1 artillery, 1 fighter, 1 AA-gun.

    Caucuses 3 infantry, 1 armor, 1 artillery, 1 AA-gun.

    SZ4 1 submarine.

    Kazakh, Novosibirsk, Evenki National Okrug, Yakut, Soviet Far East, and Burytia each have 2 infantry.

  • Thasnk you very much.

  • I just realized I neglected to mention that Caucuses has an IC, which is of great importance.

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