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    I saw this mentioned in another thread. The search thingy hasn’t been working so IDK if this has been discussed before.
    It looks pretty cool and I see a few from here have played it. Any impressions from those that have?

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    I have played it.

    WAY too much going on to be fun, and there are too many situations/rules that get ridiculously confusing if not stupid and take away from the game.

    For example:
    1. German sub attacks your convoy zone.  He can move 3 spaces into that zone because it’s an economic attack (wtf?).
    2. You want to kill the submarine, so you send a fleet of 100 ships to blow it up, but they can only move 2 to get there because it’s a regular attack.
    3. Even though you have 100 ships, you only get one chance to roll one dice to score a maximum of 4 or less on a D12 to defeat the sub.  You hit this time!
    4. You failed to realize the germans had a naval leader there as well, and said leader can force a reroll regarding the sub.  You miss, and your leader can’t call for a reroll because the germans already have.
    5. You toss over the gametable in disgust.

    It would make a fun port to PC as a video game though, where all the sht gets taken care of.

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    Yep alot of fiddy rules in that one. I bought the first official map and pieces, and sold it since. I can’t recommend it.

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    Thanks for the replies. It does seem rule heavy. Actually I still haven’t finished reading all of them although I’m close. : )

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