• Hi everyone again, after my AH strategy I’m now going to do the Germans, since they are the most important. So again please freely share your own and opinion on mine.

    With 35 ipc you purchase 9 inf, 2 art.
    Move 7 inf, and 3 art from both Ruhr and Alsace into Belgium
    Move 6 inf, and 3 art from both Prussia and Silesia and a fighter from Berlin to Poland if Russia stacks there. But if they pull back to Ukraine move one inf from Prussia into Poland,then stack everything from Prussia, Berlin, and Hanover to Silesia because if you don’t go into Poland then they will likely attack Galicia. Since Silesia, is touching Galicia you can counter attack they Russians.Still move Berlin’s and Hanover’s forces into Silesia even if the Russians stack in Poland.
    .Move all of Munich’s forces into Alsace.
    Move all of Kiel’s forces into Ruhr.
    Move all ships from sea zone 5 and 10 into sea zone 9.
    Move all subs from sea zone 7 into sea zone 2.

    So the over all summary is knock out Russia First then France. Like AH going defense against Italy, Germany should go defense against France, then when Russia is out then go full force. Navy wise is very same as AH buy subs here and there maybe buy a CV or a BB to protect a landing from happening on Kiel and Holland. While the subs go around and try to take out some convoys or transports and try to stall the British or USA from helping France. Also beware of your allies position.

    So there you go, Cheers.

  • Doesn’t look like anyone has strategy for Germany. 😞

  • Kill Russia First seems to be the go-to strategy for the CPs. You have to be very aggressive because is Russia is still a going concern when the Americans start arriving the CPs are screwed. The Allies’ economic advantage will overwhelm you. I agree with your moves, and i agree that you have to put at least something into your navy. Just enough to make Britain spend some money on ships.

    Good posts. I’m curious what you intend to do with the Ottomans.

  • Thank you drsnidely, the Ottomans are pretty hard because the allies can really hurt them early. I’ll talk about them later but they will also have a part of taking Russia.

  • Is this strategy for OOB or PTR ?

  • I’m sorry, but could you please explain the definition of OOB. Because I don’t fully understand OOB.

  • OOB=Out of Box (ruleset)
    PTR=Potential Tournament Rules (it’s in one of the stickies)

    OOB also would include the official FAQ/Errata found here: http://www.wizards.com/AvalonHill/rules/AAWWI1914FAQ.pdf (also in one of the stickies)
    Errata are official changes to the rules since it’s not feasible to mail a new, revised rulebook to everyone who purchased a copy of the game.

  • Thank you CC, I thought PTR had to do something about tournament rules.

    This strategy is for OOB just to tell you.

  • Often PTR means “public tests realms” so I get confused every time I see abbreviation 😃

  • What’s wrong with the PTR rules? Their great. In fact I don’t play with the OOB rules. The game gets too long.

  • Who said there’s anything wrong with them?

  • I think it depends if the Russian Revolution Rule is in play. That will alter the strategy somewhat. Heres the deal: Germany is forced to fight on both fronts. Russia is too strong for AH to take on by themselves. You need infantry. Forget about planes, artillery, or naval. Germany starts the game with plenty of artillery, so it is unnecessary to buy more. You need infantry to replenish your losses. Also you need infantry to contest and occupy Russian territory to bleed the Russians dry.
      The Russians need to choose who they will deal with. It will be either AH or Germany. Since AH is closer to Moscow, it is wiser for them to fight an offensive war against AH and a defensive war against Germany. As AH is slugging it out with Russia. Germany slowly squeezes the life out of Russia by draining her economy. It will take Germany many turns to accomplish this, but once finished it gives them the needed income to hold the line on the Western Front. By this time, Germany has probably lost Belgium, and the Allies are contesting the Ruhr. Remember, you have to give up something to get something.
      The Germans should not send the forces deep in Russia back to the Western Front. It would take too long. Those forces should go to put pressure on the UK in the Middle East.

  • Good advice Muscleape, but when you go against Russia your starting artillery is 9 unless you bring Kiel’s forces so I think it’s wise to buy a little art and mostly inf and a plane once in a while maybe not G1.

  • Don’t waste money on fighters for Russian Front not in the first 5 turns anyway. 6 artillery stacked is enough to provide a good German sledgehammer. German purchases should be almost 100 percent infantry for the first few turns, with mixing in an artillery here and there. Save planes for later when you can afford to lose them. What good is buying a plane for Germany to use in Russia if infantry losses are not replenished? Soon you have to start taking artillery casualties. This made any previous planes bought useless.

  • So your saying that I don’t buy planes until Russia is out of the war.

  • Planes are only bought when you have sufficient infantry to replenish losses. Planes cannot hold territory by themselves. Concentrate infantry and get those troops moving to front. You can buy planes later and get the planes to front quicker to catch up to infantry you set in motion the first few turns. Buying planes to fight Russia is not cost effective at all.

  • Let me try this one more time. Your saying to buy fighters when I don’t need to buy so much infantry to replenish them.

  • Buy fighters once you have sufficient infantry to hold territory and take casualties. I buy no fighters in the first 4 turns when I play centrals

  • Does anyone use an all out French attack?

  • The French have to slug out on the western front. The French will take losses. The UK should be landing troops to reinforce the French offensive. The UK can then absorb casualties for any German counter attack on the western front.

  • Okay Muscleape, I get what you mean. 😉

    When you go all out France then that’s makes Russian stronger and probably Ottomans since it’s drawing the British attention away from the Middle East.

  • Russia will fall between turns 5 - 9 depending on many factors. The UK must gut the Ottoman Empire. All India builds the first 6 turns or so. It will vary based on game to game situation. This leaves the French pretty much alone on the western front. The UK can land reinforcements from England and Canada using French transports. Assuming UK lost her transports to the German navy.

    If ottomans are not dealt with early they will fester like gangrene. They will seep into Africa and increasing income. I have seen games where ottomans were at 40 ipcs. This happened because UK was building in London the first few turns instead of India.

  • I think what Briton needs to do in the western front is build a small navy (it’s mostly transports and the warships are for making sure the transports don’t get sunk if there’s any german ships) and this is not the first few rounds. All they need to do is shuck some troops to France and the french can help you out. But when they can start building more transports and troops in London is when Constantinople is soon to fall or sooner then that.

  • Keep in mind every time you buy transports for UK in round 1 or 2, it means less boots on the ground. It’s a trade off. I think it’s better to use French transports for moving UK troops to western front. Granted, using the French transports is slower.

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