• I have just encountered a broken part of the game with regards to Greece and Yugoslavia.  On my first and second German turn the Balkans was ignored.  Paris was taken on the second turn and my idea was that Italy would invade Yugo, and then Greece.  However, Britain has activated both and is preparing to launch an attack into one of the minor axis powers if not two.  My issue with this is that both Yugoslavia and Greece remained neutral until attacked in 1939/40.  So not only is the Pro-Allied rule historically inaccurate to begin with, but allowing Britain to conquer one if not two of the minor axis powers through the use of Greece and Yugoslavia and as a result removing a substantial portion of the German forces for the eastern front and gaining the minor powers incomes for a turn seems ridiculously broken. I argued that 1) the minor axis powers technically aren’t at war, this was immediately shot down.  2) It’s A-historical in so many regards.  I want everyone’s opinion on the topic please.

  • Additional information:  Their plan was to attack Hungary from Yugoslavia using all the Yugoslavian troops with the addition of the British tank from Cairo that activated the pro-Allied countries.  my issue, beyond the historical inaccuracy of the entire situation, is that the minor Axis powers are all independent countries.  Moreover attacks cannot come from the territories of the minor Axis powers or from minor Axis units themselves until either at war with Russia, either Yugoslavia or Greece is controlled by an Axis power, or a mixture of both.  Therefore how does it make sense that these pro-Allied countries can attack into minor Axis countries which cannot attack them back.  I have no problem with attacks from Yugoslavia being directed at a belligerent Italy or Austria, but attacking territories which cannot attack back is the definition of broken.

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    Well then house rule were minors can attack back without being at war with Russia only if being attacked by Allies.
    IMO those 2 countries should be attacked right away so UK can’t attack from them.
    You could also make it with no house rule and Ger,Itl are at fault for not taking them.

    All are games have it where Ger takes Yugo, and Ger or Italy take Greece.

    I do agree with ya on where the rule needs to be changed for Axis minors.

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