'Disappointing experience' rather than 'bad trader'

  • Hi All,

    Following on from a post on the Website/Forum Discussion topic, I thought I’d share an experience of an order with Field Marshal Games, certainly not to discourage others from ordering, but rather as something to consider if deemed helpful.

    Last year I expressed interest to FMG in placing an order for each of the 11 dice sets, the IPC certificates and cardboard dice tower, and asked if any sort of discount would be possible as the postage was much higher than other gaming companies. Very much to FMG’s credit, they offered a $5 discount, no charge for the dice tower and to throw in an ammo pouch at no additional cost. While the total price and postage were still fairly expensive (from my perspective), I greatly appreciated the offer and it tipped the scale in favour of placing the order.

    The dice sets and IPC certificates arrived, however the other two items were missing. I appreciate that these things happen - though it took several e-mails; FMG inferring interference by customs; assurance that the items has been packed with the others; and an e-mail from UPS [edit] confirming the delivery of the package (which was obvious, albeit minus the two items) before being told the missing items would be posted out, for which I expressed my gratitude.

    After three months there was still no sign of the items, nor responses to e-mails from my home or work e-mail. Only after posting on a&a.org did communications resume, with me being informed that I had received all my original order; that the other two items were free items posted out afterwards; that they are presumed lost; and that they will not be replaced due to the cost of postage. Again, to FMG’s credit, they did offer a credit of the value of the missing items if I were to place another order.

    Apologies for the long-winded post but I didn’t wish to be appear to be presenting only selected information, or to not acknowledge FMG’s attempts at customer service. Yet while the items were stated as free, the original agreement was a transaction of $x total for a total number of products, and while the money was charged, not all the product will be received. I appreciate that sometimes items are missed in packing, or are lost in transit, though perhaps an acknowledgment of this and a more concerted effort to resolve the matter much earlier on would have reduced some disappointment in the apparent deflection and poor communication.

    I can appreciate that it is not economically feasible for FMG to send out replacement items, and while the experience has deterred me personally from placing future orders, in no way am I suggesting others should not place an order with FMG - the dice and certificates are great products and as mentioned earlier in this post, the early offers to entice me to place the order were genuinely appreciated. Rather, my intent was to note that unreliable postage and poor communications have been issues (if uncommon) that some may wish to consider. I hope I have communicated clearly and fairly.

    Thankyou for your time and kind regards,

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