Black_Elk's 1942.2 Strategy Guide - Edited Version

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    Black_Elk has asked me to share the now edited version of the above, which I am doing via this new thread so as to avoid it becoming lost four pages in to the existing one.

    The size of the document was approximately halved (before recent additions) which will hopefully allow more engagement and suggestions from you all. I know Elk would appreciate your thoughts on how the current content might be usefully developed plus ideas for valuable additions.

    (Also feel free to let me have any feedback as to where the edits should be revisited to put something back or further reduce the document. Elk himself has yet to review the sections on factory units and controlling the center - I struggled with the latter - and may want me to change something.)

    The sections in blue are placeholders for possible future content.

    Please find below the link to the Guide in Google Documents. I have not given editing rights to everyone as I do not understand the risks involved! - so please post your comments in this new thread.

    I assume that as we enhance and develop this Guide the above link will hold true. We will find out together!

    My thanks to Panther for pointing us at Google Documents and for helping me get to grips with it.


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    Thank you Black_Elk and Private Panic for your most interesting contents and editing work!

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    Great work, you both!

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    I will return as time allows to flesh out the sections in blue 🙂

    Thanks again everybody

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