World Record Bird Assassinated


    I wouldn’t kill a cricket for messing up my A&A game in progress.


    Close the damn window.


  • Im trying to picture that, and man would that suck! :mrgreen:

  • Moderator

    Alright I’m calling the SPCA… lawsuits anyone? :evil:

  • I wonder whether they will mention it when they broadcast the “domino day” show. I might rune into it just to check that (it is extremely boring otherwise, just kmillions of stones tipping over).

    I would have loved to see the sparrow rock on another few 100s of thousands of stones…

    PS: how good that EJ is one of the few USans that doesn’t complain about that term. Otherwise i would have had to complain about his eur-terms. phew 🙂

  • you have reversed the situation falk. i dont complain about your usage of “USan”. you complain about others’ usage of “american” as referring to “those of US nationality”, and i argued with you that “american” is the accepted term, and “USan” was merely your term. i didnt complain about you using it however. use it as much as you like.

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