• Has anyone started the game with each country receiving double the amount of IPC’s they normally would receive?  More income to start = more sculpts on the board, and we all know it’s more fun with more pieces on the board.  Thoughts?

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    I used to do this with the old classic aa back in the 90s, always fun to have more pieces on the board, i haven’t tried it with any of the newer games, certainly change up the starting scenario…… 😄

  • I’m not sure this is a good idea.  If Germany plays it right and captures Paris and Normandy (+6) and Paris’ doubled bank (38IPC’s) you looking at Germany spending 80 - 90 IPC’s on round two.  OUCH!

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    Classic was ripe for modification. One thing we did was double income but we also had restricted first round where you could NCM as well as build etc. You just couldn’t make combat moves. One fun rule was to allow players to scrap units for IPCs during the purchase phase.

    The biggest thing I enjoy modding the game. So I think giving your ideas a go makes for better replayability.

    Last ftf game I played was 42 1.0. The sub rules were confusing some of my opponent and we agreed to just play them like regular naval units. The game went more smoothly. I don’t suggest this for everyone or every game. However any more these days A&A doesn’t come off the shelf often as my games group is very diverse and has a wides variety of gaming tastes.

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    Typing from a smartphone is the best way to respond LOL! So sorry for the typos and grammar.

    Anyways Hotspurs. I really encourage you and others to play around with the game.

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