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    I have just started playing a&a. I have a question. What exactly is an island or an island group?

    An example: You have a fighter on wake island and want to move it to  Okinawa. How far is that? Is it one step to get to 51, then one to 58 and one to the island of Okinawa? That is three steps. Or is it one to 58 and then one to the island, that would be two steps. Or is it perhaps one step? From the island of wake island to the island of Okinawa?

    I thought it was one step since the island is part of that territory. But in that case if you have a fighter in Japan it would take one step to get to Okinawa. But that can’t be. In that case it takes two steps; Japan>60>Okinawa. Or is it Japan>60>58>Okinawa?

    Someone please explain how this works for me!


  • An island is a land mass that is completely confined within a single sea zone.  That being said, it takes one move to go from the island into the surrounding sea zone.  The only exception to this is the US National Advantage #1, Island Bases.  With this, the US treats an island and its surrounding sea zone as one space when moving fighters. (and bombers, maybe.  I dunno - czech out the rules.)

  • You sure about this?

    In that case to attack from wake island to Okinawa would be 6 steps. That is with a fighter that should return to wake island again. wake>51>58>okinawa>58>51>wake; 6 steps. That just can’t be!

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    Yeah there is a million military inconsistencies with the out-of-box rules but that is why there is house rules… Mine is to treat Islands and SZ as one… changes a lot of things…


  • I don’t know how well that would work, then you don’t need to take and hold Midway or Hawaii to bomb the US.

  • Yes - - it takes 6 steps to go from Wake to Okinawa to Wake.  A Bmr can do it, which is another reason a Bmr costs more than a Ftr.

    Also - - this points to the huge advantage of Carrier-based Ftrs!  A CV-based Ftr in the Wake sz gets to hit Okinawa in just 2 steps (1st step is sz51 to sz58).  The Ftr could make that combat move, then after its 3rd step (from Okinawa back to sz58) land on a CV in any of the 4 surrounding szones: 49, 50, 51, or 60.  Pretty good day’s work for the Ftr.

  • I agree with GG about the out-of-box inconsistencies.  One example would be that on Japan’s first turn, they can send everything within range to attack the US fleet moored outside of Hawaii, and the fighter that actually sits on the island can’t help with the defense.  (How realistic is that?)  :x

  • I think the biggest inconsistency is that it’s turn based.

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