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    I am very concerned about the pornography advertisements on the sidebar.  My 14 year old boy is getting a little interest in A&A and when I’m involving him in some of my exciting games…… well… that’s the last thing I want him to see.

    Also, Google Chrome is starting to give me warning screens about possible malware on the site.  Maybe it’s just me and my computer - don’t know if this is common to everyone.

    Thanks for reading my concerns

    One of the site’s most frequent and long term users and fans

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    Unfortunately, I have little control over this. You actually have more control than I do.

    On each of the ads there is a little blue on gray icon for AdChoices.

    The upper left add also has a close box. When the offensive ad appears, click the close box. The other icon goes here: Visit that link, you should be able to tune what ads Google shows you.

    The skyscraper ad on the left column, has the AdChoices box but when you click that one, you get a lot more options. Mess around with those options.

    For both malware and porn, you can report them to Google here:
    Nudity and malware are not allowed by Google Adwords.

    Finally, if you visit sites for carpentry, you’re going to get ads for carpentry following you around the internet, including here. If you prefer that people who use your computer not know that you like carpentry, then use Incognito or Private Browser when you go to carpentry sites. I’m not saying you visit carpentry sites but if you do, that’s what you should do.

    Also, if you go to a site like Pirate Bay, you might also start seeing your ad profile change.

    Finally, since the ads I see are different than the ads you see, you’ll have to send screenshots. Feel free to email me at david.jensen at

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    It turns out I can turn off certain categories (this is a new-ish AdSense feature).

    I turned off “References to Sex & Sexuality”

    If you’re referring to those risque social games, you’ll have to turn that off yourself. There’s a category for games but I don’t want to turn off ads for Alpha Wars and Star Wars Old Republic.

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    I’m satisfied!  Thank you - quick resolution too!

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I hope it helps but please do send me an email with screenshots if you continue to have issues.

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    Sure thing, will do, thanks again

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