Subs and Amphibious invasion

  • Let’s say the Germans are trying to invade England, and the Americans have 14 subs and some cruisers in the targeted sea zone. The Germans are attacking the Sea zone with 5 subs, 2 Destroyers, 2 carriers, 4 fighters, 3 Tactical Bombers, and 1 Strat bomber, and bringing 5 TPTs. If the American player chooses to take casualties on the cruisers to let the subs survive after the DDs are sunk, can German player still conduct the amphibious landing with carriers and TPTs since there are no more enemy (US) surface ships or aircraft in the sea zone?

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    The sea zone must be cleared of all enemy units except for transports and/or submerged subs before the landing can commence.  If the defending subs have submerged, the troops can land.  If not, the subs must either be destroyed or forced to submerge before the landing can go forward.

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    No, afraid not LeoBarron. You need to clear the SZ. It is still hostile. The Carriers have no attack value too, so they wont be able to do it alone. the Subs can still hit them and they can’t hit them back. You would have to retreat or lose all the fleet to the defending Subs.

    You are confusing Hostile and Friendly SZs., with a Sub only starting SZ. Enemy Subs can be ignored if alone at the beginning of the amphibious assault. Once they are in the battle, they stay until eliminated.

  • So, if the defending player submerges his subs, I can land. However, he will likely not do that if my DD’s are gone, because then he can continue his defense with surprise attacks on the TPTs.

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    He would have to submerge to allow you to land , like Krieghund said, but why would he?

  • However, aircraft still cannot engage them without a destroyer, even if they have not submerged. Interesting.

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    Subs are cheap and powerful. Destroyers cost more and are very necessary to combat them.
    Destroyers (DD) are also necessary  for blocking fleets, as the cheapest Surface Warship.

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