Kurds Place "Thank You, America!" Ads

  • How DARE they!  :x

    Seriously, its not over yet.  The Kurds will eventually want an independent nation - and will have to have a civil war to do so.  Will they go to this extreme? Or will they be satisfied with being part of Iraq to avoid said civil war?

    Not that I think Civil Wars are necessarily bad - consider the American Revolutionary War (freedom from Great Britian, OH YEAH  😄 ).  Or the American Civil War that freed approximately 12% of the nation from slavery.

  • It will be even messier if Turkey is part of the EU when this takes place.  However I think this should resolve itself before that happens as it doesn’t look like the EU is letting Turkey join anytime soon.

    It isn’t certain what will happen with regards to greater Kurdistan (Kurdish areas in Iraq, Turkey, Iran), although it could certainly get ugly there.

    Any Kurds in Syria?  I’m not sure, and if so what that would imply as well.

    Nevertheless, this goes back a long ways to when the British occupied Iraq (taken from the Ottoman Empire in WWI if I am not mistaken).  It is always a difficult thing to go back to the pre-colonial (and pre Ottoman empire) nations and boundaries as often they were not clearly marked or identifiable.  Besides, there is oil in N. Iraq…and everyone wants a peice of that!

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