7.2 Questons…Things that have come up.

  • @SS:

    I did say no sneak attack for the whole battle. Same thing. Now maybe have rule were you can scramble 1 plane for each destroyer 1:1 with the no subs sneak attack first shot with only subs attacking.

    Yea but scrambling should be determined before you decide to sneak or not.  Since the destroyer causes a sub to be detected, I would say that up to 3 planes per airbase can scramble so that they can hit that detected sub.  When the detected sub dies, the destroyer detects a new one if it is still alive.

  • Subs being detected or not should have no effect on whether the defender can scramble or not.  The detection matters when the planes are rolling dice and how you determine potential hits.

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    Well thats the rule. No sneak attacks no planes.

  • If that is the case, I would like to confirm it.

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