• does anyone else think that they should throw a  few french resistance pieces in with the next wave of pieces? as far as WWII is concerned they were the only french people that mattered (in favor of the allies anyway, the rest helped the germans). there could be a few differeant ones, sappers, or just some civi car with a machine gun. am i stupid, or does that sound like a good idea?

  • Personally, I would truly appreciate seeing some resistance units. As a matter of fact, it would be pretty much realistic to have such units, as you said, there could be sappers or riflemen, maybe even scouts or something like that. Anyways, I think the idea is pretty good, so to answer your question no you’re not stupid, or maybe we’re just both dumb…

  • Yeah, it does sound like a good idea to me as well.  I have to admit I was really surprised that they even added the Renault to the first set!  I would guess since this next set focuses more on the Eastern Front we’ll probably not see any though.  Maybe later when they switch back to Western Front.  Anyone have any guesses about what the third set will focus on?  I’m guessing it will either be Africa or the Pacific.

  • well concidering that this first set was focused on the western front of the european campian, and the next set is big into the eastern campain, i would think that the third set, if there ever is one will be on the pacific campain. probley have alot more japenese, maybe some aussie’s, china, philippines, singapore, it could be a very good set if thats what they do.

  • Do you think they will make new maps for the future set or we will be stuck with the first one given in the base set ? I would truly like to see an all desert map or even more a pacific map with lot of jungle and rivers. As for myself, I think the third expansion would be about Pacific, I’m not that much of a fan of this side of the conflict, but I hope it’ll give some more punch to those Japanese and of course, our proud Americans !
    It would be cool to have some Australian troops too !

  • my girlfriend is 100% German, and i actually got her to play with me the other night (kicked her butt :-D) she didn’t want to be the axis so i took them. at some point in the game i said that i wished their were Aussie troops. she said i was nuts and that their were no Aussies in WWII. After talking about this for awhile i also learned that she didn’t believe that their were Canadians in the war ether!! WOW!!! i have no idea what they teach German students about the war, but it seems that it lands far form the truth, i thought that was funny and messed up at the same time. I went on line and brought up a bunch of websites showing both countries actions in the war, she now believes me, but i wonder what else she thinks happened or didn’t happen.

  • Wow, that’s weird. I personaly study history at the university and I’m pretty impressed that a german girl didn’t know there where some Australians and Canadians in the WWII. That’s true that those guys didn’t get as much involved as the US, but in comparaison with their population at the time, they did take a great part in the war. I am myself a canadian and I can tell you that we did our share. Many canadians were killed during the catastrophic attempt of invasion at Dieppe. But that’s another story. Anyways, I’m truly impress that she (they) didn’t know that, but, hey, many people don’t even know where Canada is, so maybe it’s not that bad…

    My 2 cents…

  • @Otto_Skorzeny:

    Anyways, I’m truly impress that she (they) didn’t know that, but, hey, many people don’t even know where Canada is, so maybe it’s not that bad…

    My 2 cents…

    isnt canada that really big american state? 😉 😉 😄

  • VIVE LA RÉSISTANCE!!!  It would be great for the game to have a couple more french unit.  The resistance units could maybe have some kind of special ability similar to the SS to negate disrupt disadvantages… or maybe something like it but not as strong…

    I would really like to be able to use a France only army against Otto’s Panzers.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    One thing I like abou this game is the limitless possibilities for different countries troops and units that can be added to the game. Some people complain abou the collectible nature of the game but I think it’s the collectibility that brings in the revenue to keep the game alive and subsequently more expansions.

  • Yeah, I think the collectible nature brings a different dimension than many other games. It’s true it costs more, but the fact that you trade units is quite enjoying too.
    And about my Tank KillerCelery, we both know they’ll always kick your … multiple times…
    Anyways, we’ll see about that this afternoon !

    Bring those frenchies you little vegetable !

  • I think that a genaric resistance fighter would be great.  then you could use them in russia, Jugoslavia, or France.[/fla

  • Great idea on the French Resistance units.  One thing I think they should for sure have, is some sort of special ability when in cities, i.e. a really high cover roll, or can deploy on any town before initial deployment phase.

  • Speaking of city play, there needs to be an in city battle map.  You could have special rules for individual units.  You could even have hidden units that reveal themselves when an enemy apeares

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