• From the sounds of it, most folks are using a newer PC version of A&A.  For those using the Hasbro version, a few glitches you should be aware of.

    1.  Computer playing Germany invariably invades Egypt with Libya tank/INF AND transported INF from Southern.  IF the UK sub sinks the transport, ALL 3 GERMAN INF disapear, leaving only the tank to fight in Egypt.

    2.  Computer playing Russia, if Germany has land forces in Caucuses and Russia holds Karelia, the combined Karelia/Russia AA will kill TWICE as many aircraft (and ALWAYS the bomber) as they should if German AF is used to support an attack on Russia in G2.  I have tried this move on MANY occasions with up to 4 figs and a bomber supporting 2 INF against a lightly defended Russia.  I end up with 1 or 2 figs left (usually 1), regardless of the number of aircraft sent.

    3.  Carrier aircraft recovery.  If you “forget” to land any fighters in the non-combat phase and click “done”, and then try to land airborn fighters on a carrier when the PC prompts you that you have to land aircraft, any and all fighters designated to land on carriers will CRASH and be lost.  Only solution is to “time machine” back to non-combat phase and re-do ALL non-combat moves and land fighters before clicking “done”

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