Question on Convoy Disruption rule

  • 2017 '16

    As far as I understand this rule, does it mean that Japan could do Convoy Raiding in SZ 19 against China or Russia for up to 3 IPCs if either of them get hold of Manchuria?

  • China can’t be convoyed, but you should be able to convoy 3 IPC’s from Russia.

  • 2017 '16

    Are you sure that China can’t be convoyed?

    All those Kiangsu (3 IPCs), Shantung (2 IPCs) and Jehol (1 IPC) are also adjacent to SZ 19.
    6 additional IPCs which can be also ripped off Chinese purse.

  • Unlike the other powers in the game, China is not an
    industrialized nation and has a rural economy and
    decentralized government. As a result, China does not have
    a capital like other powers do. If all Chinese territories are
    captured by Japan, China retains its unspent IPCs in hope
    of liberation and does not give them to Japan. In addition,
    China may spend IPCs only to purchase infantry units
    (with one exception, see below) and does not use industrial
    complexes. New Chinese units can be mobilized on any
    Chinese territory that is controlled by China, including
    those captured in the current turn. If a Japanese industrial
    complex is built on a Chinese territory and that territory is
    later recaptured by the Chinese or liberated by another Allied
    power, the industrial complex is removed from the game.
    China is not subject to convoy disruptions (see “Conduct
    Convoy Disruptions,” page 22).

  • 2017 '16


    China can’t be convoyed, but you should be able to convoy 3 IPC’s from Russia.

    Thanks for the rule quotation.
    This means that it is not possible for Russia to be convoyed from SZ 19 via Manchuria (which would become a chinese liberated TT) but only SZ 6 via Korea (3 IPCs).

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