What are some good strategies for each nation?

  • I have a few in mind, ( especially for th cps) but I would like to hear from you guys.

    P.S The tournament rules are in effect.

  • One nation at a time: Russia first.
    All ships need to make sacrificial attacks on the first round, to attrit the Central Powers navies.
    All artillery units should be pulled back, consolidated, and used for survival as the CP forces get close to Moscow.
    The ideal situation is to buy just enough fighters to have air supremacy at that time for that battle.
    Russia should mobilize Romania on Round 1.
    I prefer to send all Sevastopol forces to Mesopotamia to assist the Brits. Repayment comes when the Brits send relief forces to Karelia.

  • France:
    The powerful French Navy MUST help clear the Atlantic for safe shipping to the continent.
    Then, a French reinforcement of Albania and/or Egypt is a good tactic.
    France needs Infantry buys for several rounds before advancing on the Germans, in my opinion.

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