Looking for Gamers in N IL or S Wisconsin! Have games, will travel!

  • I live in the “Rockford, IL” area.  Looking for anyone interested in A&A.  I own '41, '42, and global '40.  Would love to start a decent dedicated group around the area.  Let me know your thoughts!  I’m willing to travel too!

  • Hey, I am from SE Wisconsin.  I know some players from Milwaukee, Kenosha, and if I shake things up, I may be able to wake-up some players from Chicago.  I came across someone from Madison and a few others in South WI, but they fell off the map it seems.

    My friends and I usually do Global 40, 1914, or Tigerman’s Global War 1939.  SS, on the forums, is part of our group and usually hosts some games.  If you are interested in joining I would suggest sending him a message as well as myself.

    I would not mind traveling to the Rockford Area if you know anyone close by who can play, but I doubt my buds will want to travel that far.

    We have a game on the 19th, but we are already expecting 6-players to show.  I will let you know if there is something that comes up.

    Hope to meet ya soon!

  • Small world!  My grand parents used to live in Oconomowoc!  I’ve been in contact with SS since February trying to work out a date.  Ill see you guys on the 19th!  In the mean time, still looking for more people in the area!

  • I live in Oconomowoc too…

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    NE Wisconsin here

  • Hi!

    We live in Fox Lake, IL just East of Rockford and both play Axis and Allies.  We played the 1941 second edition first and have been enjoying getting to know the global 1940 second edition game for the past several months.  We would love to find someone or a few people to play with on occasion.

    We are pleased to travel or host (our home is big enough) and would enjoy joining a dedicated group.

  • Hi! Jenni and Lance here. We live a few miles south of the WI border in Fox Lake IL. We have the 1941 game as well as the 1940 global second edition. Happy to host or travel! You can call or text jenni at 847-702-4606 or email directly at jendomsal@yahoo.com

  • I am interested in a Southern Wisconsin group - I live in Janesville Wisconsin. I am interested in playing Global 1941 or 1914, but I also own Battle of the Bulge, D-Day, and Classic Axis and Allies.

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